Alaska politics are fun!

A Sarah Barracuda in training? Let’s have a look:

State Sen. Lesil McGuire created a disturbance on an Alaska Airlines flight earlier this month and, after landing in Anchorage, was escorted through the airport by police for questioning, according to an official report of the incident.

On the Sept. 4 flight from Juneau to Anchorage, McGuire continued using her BlackBerry after being asked to turn it off, the report said. She kept texting, which resulted in the pilot having to stop the plane as it was taxiing, according to the report by police at Stevens International Airport. After flight attendants refused to serve her alcohol, she threw a glass of water onto the aisle floor, said passengers interviewed by police.

She was rude, used profanity, bad-mouthed the pilots, and caused further delay by getting out of her seat, according to statements to police by witnesses.

In true Republican fashion, she tries to have the incident covered up:

The state Department of Transportation, which oversees the airport and its police force, released the 13-page report and audio recording Tuesday, more than a week after the Daily News made its first request for the records.

According to McGuire’s attorney, the senator considered going to court to block release of parts of the report because she disagreed with what witnesses said and how police summarized it, said attorney Mike Corey of Anchorage. But she eventually decided not to challenge the release, he said.

And of course refuses to talk to the media, but she’s not doing it too well:

During the week of efforts to obtain the incident report, McGuire repeatedly avoided reporters.

On Monday afternoon, she invited the Daily News to her office to discuss the incident. But when a reporter arrived, the office was locked and no one answered the door. Late in the afternoon, McGuire emerged, leaving for the day with her young son in tow. McGuire said she was too tired to talk then but would on Tuesday morning. However, she didn’t return calls Tuesday.

The juicy eyewitness details:

The two passengers and three flight attendants interviewed all described McGuire creating a scene as the crew prepared for takeoff. The flight was late leaving Juneau. It didn’t arrive in Anchorage until about 1 a.m., about three hours behind schedule.

“I had flown down to Juneau just that morning for a day of meetings, I was frustrated by the multiple delays and the late hour, and I believe comments made to a fellow passenger but overheard by the flight attendant set the tone for a misunderstanding,” McGuire said in her written account of events.

One flight attendant said in her written statement that she told McGuire to turn off her cell phone and stow her bag properly.

“She proceeded to give me her bag w/o a word & kept talking on the phone. I asked her again to get off the phone & she used (profanity) w/ the person she was talking to then eventually turned it off after I stood & waited.”

The attendant said McGuire went on "to curse about her situation & how we are nagging her & how we are ‘a pain in my ass.’ ‘’

Another flight attendant told police that, later, when the plane was taxiing, “I could see her cell phone light shining in her face.”

The flight attendant wrote that she notified another crew member and the pilot stopped the plane.

“I went back and talked to her about being on her cell phone told her it is against regs. She shut her phone off – then later in the flight she wiped her tray off on to the floor. I had to pick it up.”

McGuire, in her written statement, said she was texting about the delay to the person who was supposed to pick her up in Anchorage. She said she immediately cooperated with the attendant when asked to turn off her BlackBerry.

When the plane was ready for takeoff, McGuire got up out her seat, “again another delay,” a passenger said.

After the plane took off, “we decided as a crew to NOT serve her alcohol because we decided that she will be … escorted off the aircraft once landed,” one of the flight attendants wrote.

“My personal interaction with her was that she was very rude, obnoxious, inappropriate language & behavior, and that she was mouthing off. She was very difficult to talk to and did not make our job any easier. I hope that I NEVER have to have her on another flight,” the attendant said.

Another attendant called McGuire the rudest woman “I have ever had the displeasure to meet.”

Both passengers interviewed told police that McGuire purposely spilled her water onto the floor or aisle. In her written statement, McGuire said she accidentally spilled the water as she adjusted her blanket.

Airport police officers in Anchorage met Flight 67 at the gate to escort McGuire to their office for questioning. They noticed alcohol on her breath and other signs she had been drinking, the report said – flushed skin and slightly unsteady walking. McGuire told them she had one glass of wine before the flight.

A former airport policeman on the flight said he saw her have three glasses of wine at the airport bar before boarding, according to the police report.

In her written statement, McGuire disputed that and says the bartender at the Glacier Lounge would support her story.

And the kicker:

McGuire served three terms in the state House before her 2006 election to the state Senate. She’s married to former Rep. Tom Anderson, who is serving a federal prison sentence on corruption charges. McGuire was not implicated during his trial last year.