Does anyone else watch this one? I really enjoyed the season opener last night. Lots of lines where they get across that they didn’t like last season either.


I used to love the show, and I even loved much of last season. However, towards the end of last season it became painfully obvious that they were just making everything up as they went along, and the show suffered for it.

From last night’s episode, it’s still suffering for it.


The season four premiere was quite good, better than a lot of episodes of last season combined. I wonder if the whole “I really hate my father” subplot will continue even though it looked like there was reconciliation around the corner after half the truth about those documents from the season three finale was revealed.

I also hope that Nadia serves a purpose this season and her path to revenge is relevant, but the damned season just started so I’m already asking for too much. I think I’ll go watch the season three DVDs now. If anyone has the set, does yours have any booklet or anything? Mine has a slot for it, but it’s empty.

Thanks to Lost, I’d imagine, Alias got its highest ratings last night–16 million viewers. Lost, which I inadvertently stopped watching, also drew its highest audience with around 21.5 million.


I have always hated Alias, but I reached a new level of hatred for it last night when I watched the opening train sequence and realized that Jennifer Garner’s angular face makes her lingerie-type scenes look like something out of bad tranny porn.


Yeah, she has a square Schwarzenegger jawbone.


Good to know that you’re a discerning consumer of tranny porn, Mr. Akiyama.


har. har.


I have to wonder, if you’ve always hated Alias, why on earth are you still watching it. I hate lots of shows. And I just don’t watch them. Although I do agree that lingerie and wig made Garner look creepy.

The goth bit was funny though.

FWIW, I think the Season 4 opener points the show in a good direction. Season 3 didn’t do much for me. Hearing Vaughn say, “Because last year sucked,” put a smile on my face.

But could we put a moritorium on torture scenes? It seems like every other episode, someone’s strapped in a chair getting poked, electrocuted, drowned, and exposed to unsafe dentistry practices. Enough already!


I usually try to find something else to do when it’s on. My wife enjoys watching the show, and sometimes I act like a good husband and watch with her.

Based on the types of advertising the show carries, I suspect I’m not alone on this one - the ads are heavily targeted at women.


I usually try to find something else to do when it’s on. My wife enjoys watching the show, and sometimes I act like a good husband and watch with her.

Based on the types of advertising the show carries, I suspect I’m not alone on this one - the ads are heavily targeted at women.[/quote]
Oh totally. It’s always been the girls on campus talking about how great the show is. I enjoy how corny/goofy/funny it can be, but I’m not really hooked on watching Alias. I’m hooked on watching Alias with hot girls that are hooked on watching Alias.


Sounds like my date trolling strategy when I was in college, but for me it was pretending to enjoy stupid movies like “Strictly Ballroom” and “Circle of Friends.”


I’ve been a fan of Alias since season two and have all the DVDs.
Last nights episode completely blew me away. Killing off Nadia was something they should have done last season. When Vaughn said “because last year sucked” I laughed so hard I almost fell off my chair. the best thing is that we get a new episode every week.


The premiere blew you away? I thought it was really weak, especially compared to Lost.

  • They killed Syd’s mom off-screen. Yes, I realize the actress didn’t want to come back on the show, but still… that sucks.

  • Her mom took out a contract on her life? Doesn’t that seem totally out of character for irina derevko?

  • The secret documents Sydney found at the end of last season were… her dad killed her mom? Does anyone buy that? They wrote themselves into a hole with the cliffhanger and decided they’d dig their way out next season. Lazy.

  • The token black dude is willing to work under sloane? Didn’t sloane just like, viciously murder token’s wife? Doesn’t token hate him considerably more than sydney?

  • Remember all that rimbaldi shit from the last couple of years? The monk on the mountain, the huge secret machine, the giant bubble filled with water, the crap in whassername’s head that could only be extracted with superduper serum, all that shit? Yeah we’re gonna dismiss it in one sentence and it will never be discussed again. Hey, fuck you too.

  • Sydney in miniskirts, sydney in lingerie, sydney sucking off a horse… anyone remember first season, when this show was good and not just cheesecake? Yeah she’s hot, but can we get some fucking plot in there somewhere?

  • So this season is all about setting up Alias as a two-hottie show, with her half-sister trying to figure out who killed her mom. Probably with the big revelation around sweeps. Feh.

The writers need to brew a pot of coffee, sit down, and script out a broad outline for the next two years. Each episode can’t center around Sydney’s outfit, her love affair with whassisname, and their special fx budget. That leads to shitty tv. Either the show has character arcs or it doesn’t, period.

Think it’s time to watch reruns of La Femme Nikita on USA.


Considering the new season just started, who knows when they’ll start factoring in Rambaldi again? I don’t remember them going into that at the beginning of season three.

I wouldn’t say it was out of character for Derevko to take out a contract on Sydney’s life, but yes, I really would like to know why. As far as those documents are concerned, they were apparently the half of it. There was a brief scene with Jack and Sloane with Sloane asking if Sydney found the “other thing” to which Jack replies no, and if she did it would leave her “incapacitated.”

I’m sure Dixon doesn’t like working with Sloane again any more than Sydney does. I don’t remember Dixon exhibiting much hatred for him last season except once or twice. I still don’t think Sloane is the ‘humanitarian’ he claimed to be. Who does? The CIA will be glad to milk him for all he’s worth, and probably vice versa.

With the exception of new hottie Nadia (whatever happened to Marshall’s wife? She was pretty damned cute.), I don’t see an image change; hasn’t the show always tried to showcase Sydney in 4,000 outfits (about 3,999 of them in miniskirts)? That red wig launched some strange phenomenon. Speaking of which, the new opening credits…blow.


I’ve always enjoyed the show a lot, and can’t stand that it always gets delayed but they can get all the reality crap out early…

I thought " the other thing" was the reason Jack killed her, the contract on Syd she learns about later.

But wasn’t there also something in those docs about Syd being in the child modification program,and Jack signing off on it?? No followup on that at all, suddenly we get Mother murder…

And once again, ABC spoils a surprise plot turn with their fucking previews. :evil:


I’m willing to forgive everything about Irina just because they finally killed her off. Does it leave plot holes? Yes. They could also explain it later in the season. I knew that Lena Olin had no interest in the show after season two. I hated how they kept her in the show. To me her being killed was J.J. Abrams finally admitting that they need to move on.

About Sydney running around in her underwear? this was the first show of the season in its new timeslot. It was following one of ABCs biggest hits. They wanted to get new viewers hooked into the show. Looking at the ratings, I’d say it worked. I also find Jennifer Garner extremely hot, so that might have something to do with it.

Dixon accidently killed Sloans wife, who he respected. Sloan retaliated by killing Dixons wife. This is my own opinion but maybe he let it go? Dixon suffered from some major anger problems in the past. Maybe he learned to get over it.

In my opinion Nadia is going to be the new person that is out of the loop. Because of Sydney learning so much in the last couple episodes, she is now in the loop. Now they have Nadia to play off of. This might be bad because it also makes Sydney expendable. Garner is considered to be on the verge of being an A list movie star. Although she has signed a contract to do Alias until 2008, she can probably still get out of it.

The whole rimbaldi storyline will most likely return later in the season, after all the new viewers are settled in. Its been too big of plot to just drop it like that.


Oh no…did my VCR shut off too early??


I think the last two episodes have shown directly that neither Sydney or Dixon have really gotten over it fully.

— Alan


Alias for me was at its best when Sidney and Dixon were out in the field together and she had friends outside of work. Now it’s this bland spy show where they do unrelated missions every week - the CIA offices they are in say it for me, white and sterile - it just has no soul anymore. It doesn’t go anywhere and the characters seem caricatures that just say the same things over and over. “I hate you Sloane”, “I am no longer a bad man Sidney”, “Blah blah my mother”, “Blah blah your mother”.

Having Dixon there, but not having him go out on any decent mission and having this supposedly attractive sister as replacement eye candy just hammers home how unfulfilling it has become.

Alias is a pale shadow of the mediocre womens drama it used to be.


I’m bringing this thread back from the dead to discuss how this show has creatively come back from the dead.

Earlier this season I got fed up with how dumbed down the show had become and was about to remove it from my RTV schedule, when I saw the preview for the episode with Anna Espinoza. Then I decided to give the show a little longer to prove itself again. That episode was good but the follow-up was less good, and the show stumbled a bit longer after that.

But over the last five or so episodes (starting around the time of Vaughn’s discovery that his father might still be alive) the show has improved every week. Last week’s episode marked a return to form and this week’s maintained that quality while finally bringing back Rimbaldi for more than just name-dropping.

If any of the rest of you got bored and gave up on the show, I highly suggest you download the last two episodes and then resume weekly viewing. The show has catapulted its way back to my “best of TV” list.