Funny you should mention this. I gave up on the show about a month ago. The last really good episode was the one where Sydney and Vaughn went undercover as a married couple in a fake American suburban town. A really smart, well-written episode.

I caught the last half-hour this week and was happy to see Rimbaldi back in the game. But I don’t know if I’ll keep watching. I think I’m about done with these characters. The show just goes around in circles.


now I watched last weeks episode and thought it had almost reached soap opera territory with the plot twist at the end.


Wait, what soap opera plot twist at the end? I was slightly busy at the time so I’m not sure if I missed something.

I thought the hotel scene was nicely done, but realistically horrific. You can’t tell me a spy agency, in its own backyard, let a highly sensitive/classified material into a hotel building and let it get away, despite the fact that the building should have been covered from top to bottom. Instead they had five undercovers and, oh, building surveillance cameras, which apparently don’t cover the basement or basement exits. Of course, even if they had seen them leave the basement, apparently they didn’t bother to cove - you know - the exits to the building. Duh.

— Alan


I suspect he considers Arvin Clone a soap opera-style twist.


What happened to the clone, did he just disappear or…?

Jeez I must not have been paying attention, I watched Arvin (real) kill Vondas the balding character actor (sorry, thats his The Wire name - too bad about Omar eh?? :)), Nadia comes, they look at each other, Arvin is all bloody, the end.

Er maybe I need to download this episode…

— Alan


sorry, was referring to the previous week and the appearance of the clone. Just felt like it went into an snl’s version of a soap opera to me. We tivo the episodes so I still haven’t watched this weeks.


Oh sorry about that if we spoiled it for you.

— Alan


The last two episodes have just come out of nowhere and delivered more plot points than the rest of the season combined. Great stuff! Garber and Rifkin are always solid but they’ve put in two of their best performances this month. Jack and Sydney’s flashback/hallucination scene last week is one of my favorites of the whole series and tonight’s Sloan/Emily stuff was just as powerful. Where the hell was this stuff all season?


Did you watch the season finale last night? They wrapped up most of the existing plot points but the ending. My wife and I just sat there in shock.


Yeah, the finale was great. Sydney appears to have fulfilled the Rimbaldi prophecy, she finally believes Sloane is good, she and Jack are on good terms with Irina, Vaughn has a terrible secret (and probably got busted up pretty badly too). Oh yeah, and Nadia is a zombie.

It looks like Alias is coming back at the start of the fall season, also, instead of waiting until January. I hope they’re still doing the compressed season thing though.


Won’t be compressed if they start his fall. They need more lead time for production to get out an uniterrupted season.


That is how you end a goddamn season. Wrapped up all the threads from this season, but introduced a few new ones for next season. And while I saw the car accident coming in the sense of “Well, the final scene is them driving - here comes a car accident”

I wonder what Vaughn’s secret is - who he’s working for… and I’m not sure I like where the plot is going. I really hope they aren’t just doing this out of a sense of “well we have to have some big surprise…”



[/li][li]Ginormous red ball hovering over some Russian city, casting a red glow over everything.
[/li][li]Vaughn turning out to be an imposter.
[/li][*]etc.[/ul]When I think back to the first season, it makes me feel like I am watching a different show. Still, it makes me appreciate the first season more.


Just watched the finale yesterday. Why is Vaughn waiting until now to tell this huge secret? Doesn’t seem like a healthy way to start a marriage.


While I really don’t like the whole Rimbaldi Sci-Fi aspect at all, the silliest thing I’ve seen in a drama in a long time was the episode where the “big threat” they had to neutralize was the little radio control helicopter. That made me laugh till my sides hurt, with the dramatic music as they ran from this little RC chopper. As if you couldn’t just hit it with a baseball bat and knock it down.

I enjoy the show but I liked it much better in the first season when they weren’t reaching so hard.


Uh, it had a gun on it. A chain gun, if I recall correctly. Would you want to be out getting in front of that?

— Alan


I just watched that final episode and wtf zombies that can
A use guns
B remember their hard car martial arts moves? Right

Anyways the whole thing was made worth it at the end. Vaughn is prolly her 1/2 brother and that would make me lol.


This show isn’t related to the Bendis comic, is it?


Nope. Bizarre coincidence.


They weren’t actually zombies. They were just really, really angry.