Alice in Borderland - Netflix

So this is a new show that dropped last week, apparently based on a manga. I watched it in Japanese with English subtitles. The setup is 3 slacker-ish 20-something Japanese guys walk out of Shibuya station in Tokyo to… empty streets. The great metropolis is empty. Then they start seeing signs directing them to a “game arena” where they are faced to play game with deadly consequences. Other characters come along and things get… complicated. It’s a mix of some game concepts with some of the violence and moral quandaries of The Walking Dead, and I enjoyed it overall.

It’s not for everyone as it is very dark and quite violent. I just finished the full 8 episodes and I’m still digesting it. I won’t say it’s perfect or even great but I have to say it came out of nowhere and I got a lot of good viewing out of it.

That makes it sound much more interesting than what I remember from the description while browsing. Thanks for the heads-up, will be checking it out.

This is a pretty good synopsis. Certainly glad I watched it, but I was able to recognize its weaknesses while enjoying the content and concept.

Was hoping for something a little Gantz but instead got Saw. It’s crazy how the anime tropes made it to live action. Anyways, after the first episode, I’m probably going to drop this, it’s not my thing at all.

The show does vary somewhat - the second episode is a bit more along the lines you suggest and the third episode goes in yet a different direction.

To expand on this a bit, in episode 1 you’ll notice the game was based on a playing card of the suit Clubs. We learn in episode 2 that each suit denotes a different type of game: clubs for team challenge, spades for physical challenge, diamonds for mental challenge, and hearts for emotional challenge. There’s also a certain perversity in the game design that applies to all game types.

I really enjoyed this, was glad I read the recommendation here. It goes places you wouldn’t think of at the beginning.

It was around EP03 that my wife mentioned that this series was renewed for a second season. At the time I thought the concept would get stale and that i would stop watching once this season is done. Boy was i wrong. I’m now ready for season 2 and 3!

I feel that the narrative and pacing is spot-on for this type of show. We ended up finishing it over three nights.

The voice acting helped me call it quits about ten minutes in. On a related note, it sounded like all the guys were voice by only one dude, who really can’t act.

Do you mean dubbing? I watched this in Japanese with English subtitles and that worked quite well IMO.

Ten seconds in we switch to Japanese audio with subs. The English dubbing was bad.

Just watched two episodes. Decent.