Alien (Fish) Invasion in Wisconsin

I don’t know why, but for some reason, if I were sitting next to a pond and one of these things crawled out, it would probably scare the shit out me.

The media coverage on these things is great. People here in the DC area (where they found 'em a year ago) were actually scared of this walking superfish that was some kind of evolutionary leap.

Turns out, no, it’s just a fish that can flop its way across (very short) stretches of dry land.

I’ll say this, though: those Chinese, if they ever get around to genetically modifying Snakeheads to be superfish, will take over the world.

“and the individual snakehead likely was released by a hobbyist after outgrowing an aquarium.”

Are people really this stupid?

Bleeding heart liberals, you know.

My fish! My fish! I cannot kill my fish!

Go free, Muffy, Go free into the wild from which you came!

And then the “freedom fighter” who loves all living things spends the rest of the week congratulating himself for his compassion.

“If it wasn’t for me, that poor fish would be dead!”