Alien Horror Story: Covenant - RIDLEY SCOTT


It’s not that terrible other than being a movie we’ve already seen, shitting on the movie before it and the worst CGI alien possible.


Technically, the guy who gets killed by the snake is wearing a helmet in prometheus.

There was a deleted scene where he shows his total excitement when they first encounter a smaller form of the worms on the planet. He’s a biologist, and it’s the first macro-scopic life form that humans have ever encountered, so he’s naturally excited.

When the later, mutated form of it shows up, he’s still kind of in this “wonder” mode… which isn’t to excuse his being kind of dumb, but given the previous encounter (which was deleted from the final cut of the movie) I don’t think he expected the thing to grab his arm, break it, tear his suit, and then crawl inside.


I was talking about Covenant. They all just walk out of the ship without any sort of protective gear because fuck it what’s the worst that could happen? We all get infected by some unknown alien pathogen?

They get infected by an unknown alien pathogen because they aren’t wearing any protective gear.


The deleted biologist scene in Prometheus doesn’t make his later scene less dumb. Look at this idiot.

“Hey, li’l guy…”


Still though, he’s wearing a freaking armored suit. You’d think there would be some degree of safety conveyed by it.


Nah, man. It’s an alien vagina-cobra that’s rearing up and hissing. I don’t care how armored my fingers are, I’m not going near it.


Afraid of a vagina cobra?
Sounds SEXIST to me.


Hey, I’m all for vagina-spider mouth impregnation. I’m down. I just draw the line at vagina-cobra. What’s next? Double-penis spaceship donut? That way lies madness!


I agree with this ranking.


I’d reverse Alien and Aliens, but that’s more a matter of genre preference for most people as far as I’ve seen.


It is a tough decision, and most likely an unfair one. Aliens is an amazing sci-fi adventure, but Alien tapped so effectively into a multitude of my primal fears that as a experience it went far beyond the realm of entertainment. Over years of trying to unpack exactly what it was that I found so compelling and disturbing about it, I ended up developing a special affection for the film.


I’m just going off what I’ve seen from movie people. They almost always agree both movies are amazing, but when it comes to preference horror people tend towards Alien and action people tend towards Aliens.

I’m not sure I’m an action guy, but I’m definitely not a real horror guy, but Aliens is probably my favorite movie of all time.
When I had cable if it ever came on it stayed on. Aliens and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly always stayed on.


Send in the Marines!

I mean I really love Aliens. Aliens is by far, like leaps and bounds, my favorite but I have to tip my hat to the first movie because it gave us one of the most amazing aliens ever imagined.


Alien and Aliens both capture two great directors at their prime. Alien has what makes Scott a great director… The atmosphere he creates in that movie is amazing. A very realistic, believable future, with an Alien monster which is up there with greatest monsters ever. I’m honestly not sure how much of the Alien’s design is atributable to Giger, vs Scott. I know that Giger designed the alien from a physical perspective, but I’m not sure how much Scott influenced the deeply disturbing psychological aspects of the Alien. The xenomorph attacks some very deep subconscious fears of people, especially men.

Likewise, Cameron made one of the all time best sci-fi action movies with Aliens. Also greatly atmospheric, it brings in elements of Terminator, another awesome movie. It’s a lot more in line with Terminator than it was with his later awesome movie, The Abyss.


I agree that the first two are by far the best. But I think I’d put Resurrection third, albeit a distant third. I appreciated the bits of weirdness, even if the final product wasn’t all that good. It reminded me of a Heavy Metal comic.


And let’s not forget to throw some credit for Alien to Dan O’Bannon, the writer. Though I don’t really know how much responsibility he had for the design and life cycle of the alien.

And I’m not much for ranking films, but personally I’d put Resurrection at the bottom, I hate that film so much. There was just no point to it.


Was resurrection the one with the girl from Bettlejuice? Because yeah, that was the worst of any of them. Everything about that one was just terribad.


Winona Ryder who was also in Star Trek. Resurrection is still better than Prometheus.


Disagree. Prometheus at least had interesting ideas, and was about something. Resurrection doesn’t even have a plot, it’s just this happens, and then this happens, and then oh hey, albino hybrid alien out of nowhere!


Also seemingly random injection of the cast of city of lost children into a space station.