Alien Horror Story: Covenant - RIDLEY SCOTT


It’s not like we’ve seen the sum totality of their work. They might have great specs scripts out there, or done some great drafts on those turds that were then then rewritten by someone else or noted to death by the studio.

Or they might just have gotten the job because they’re good in meetings and loyal stenographers for the producers’ dumb ideas. Who can say?

Unless it’s Aaron Sorkin or someone, attributing credit/blame to writers is generally a pretty dicey proposition, especially for big studio movies.


Those are great points, Soren, especially about the spec scripts we’re not privvy to. Can you think of an example of a writer whose early work was trash, but we eventually found out he or she was great? John Sayles comes to mind for me. His early career was a movie about a killer alligator movie and then a movie about killer piranhas!



Yeah, Bill Shakespeare. Henry VI, Part I? Talk about a cocky young gun looking for sequels out the gate. Or King John? “Bedlam, have done.” Who talks like that?


Don’t forget Battle Beyond the Stars! As if anyone could.


It’s an interesting question, because you kinda have to see a writer in control to see whether they’ve been sunk by the directors/actors, or elevated, and for that they have to either become a director or a showrunner.

How about James Gunn? A bunch of Troma crap -> Scooby Doo -> Slither - Super - Guardians of the Galaxy.

(If you weren’t so dismissive of comics and episodic televeision, I’d suggest John Rogers – credited writer of Catwoman/The Core/Transformers – because of a fucking awesome Blue Beetle run and being showrunner on Leverage. Still, his Catwoman notes and arbitration advice are…insightful on how much writers’ intentions matter.)


Behold our first official image from production:

Katherine Waterson as some named “Daniels”


Oh hey, looks like Noomi Rapace will be in the movie after all. At least for a little bit.


I really hope the sequel also includes scenes from Lawrence of Arabia. At least then it will have a few minutes of something interesting to watch.


“What is it that attracts you to the desert, Major Lawrence?”

“I admire it’s purity. It’s a survivor, unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions or morality.”

chestburster attacks


I would ask the newly arrived alien to move aside so I could continue watching Lawrence of Arabia…


<<scene: Alien bursts out of Lawrence’s chest>>

William Potter: I say, old chap, doesn’t that hurt?
T. E. Lawrence: Certainly it hurts.
Potter: What’s the trick then?
Lawrence: The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts.


It would be great if in the sequel, David stops idolizing Peter O’Toole and instead starts modeling himself after Lou Costello.


See here my good fellows: looks like we have ourselves a trailer.


Not gonna watch that trailer.


dont watch trailer cuz you see like 3 or 4 ppl die. WOW THATS LIKE HALF THE CREW! Btw, the movie looks generic… even worse than Promethheus… but you do see that McBride has a mullet… whatever… stupid shower scene.


I’m not sure if it’s still the aftereffect of Prometheus, but that trailer did nothing for me.


Crew runs into bad shit on alien planet, get offed one by one. Didn’t this movie come out like 40 years ago?


The only Alien movie I want to see right now is a Colonial Marines one, where they kick ass and chew bubble gum, and they are all out of bubble gum.


So is this a first dramatic role for Danny McBride? Assuming he’s not the comic relief, since the Alien movies don’t really do that.


You clearly had a brain fart about there being no comic relief as you forgot maybe the most iconic one-liner character in cinematic history.