Alien Horror Story: Covenant - RIDLEY SCOTT



Hang on, James Franco is in this? And is that Amy Seimetz? Where have I been?


A prologue thingy has been released.


So basically it’s going to be for Alien what Episode VII was for Star Wars. OK, I guess?

Anyone else get a real Bishop vibe from Billy Crudup? Is he a secret android?


I wouldn’t say the story of Blade Runner is 90% Dick, given that it throws out half of the setting of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Mercerism anyone?) and completely changes the ending. The book isn’t really noirish at all, either.


Full trailer:


So aside from David the android (different David, I’m guessing?) I don’t see a lot here that seems to connect to Prometheus. Maybe they’re just playing it close to their vest.


Might be a prequel to Prometheus? Meh. I’d like for characters to not to be stupid for once.


Dont think its a prequel. Think they are supposed to run into the David android from Prometheus.

Also I’ll second having a horror movie with non idiot characters.


Judging from the trailer, it looks like the exteriors were shot in Fiordland. I’ve been tramping there about half a dozen times.


Meet Walter:


No, this is Walter:

Silly Ridley Scott.




Giger would be pleased.


So I guess there’s going to be a queen in this one?


I dunno, maybe. It’s a colonization mission full of breeder couples. Not sure how the mission directives would expand beyond that scope to support such diversity. I mean, they did make room for an android, so anything’s possible.


I just want more suspense and less gross. It seems like the amount of blood just increased after Aliens but the waiting and seeing, discovery, not so much.


Completely agree. Despite its other issues, the one thing I really liked about Prometheus was that it finally restored a sense of discovery and showed something new in the setting. If only it wasn’t incoherent.


I don’t know what Alien movies you guys watched that didn’t have a heaping helping of gross. Even the shitty AvP movies had plenty of blood and gore.


I just told you. Alien and Aliens… anything after that seems piss poor to me. If you watch those two movies, the kind of death scenes they had were just… different. It wasn’t so much about graphic deaths but suspense. @Desslock is right though, Prometheus scaled the gore back again but just piled on the every scientist they sent must have been at the bottom of their class stupid instead.

And the first AVP wasn’t that gross, hell it wasn’t even an R movie.

<<<<---- doesn’t really consider AVP really part of the Aliens franchise either.