Alien Horror Story: Covenant - RIDLEY SCOTT


I rewatched all the Aliens through the last month.

Alien still holds up as a horror movie. But if I had to pick I’d rewatch The Thing.
Aliens is cool, but it’s long, slowish paced and you already remember all the best bits.
Alien 3 is drab.
Alien 4 is visually fun and not too dumb. If they ever put together another Alien I’d want Jeunet to direct that too.



I’m pretty psyched about this movie.


Theres a “Aliens vs rednecks” but I don’t blame people forgetting it. The story is about alien landing in earth, in some town next to big forests, in USA.


That was actually Aliens vs Predator: Requiem. I don’t think the AvP movies count towards the main Aliens continuity.


Yeah, it would really be a shame to disrupt this immaculate canon with AvP entries.


I thought he was talking about E.T.!


Me too. Looks great.


Hey everybody, happy Alien Day! LV-4/26, geddit?


Did anyone in the alien world ever explain why the alien heads are so huge?
Seems like they have some huge brain or something going on?


We’ll bear in mind this is a Giger design, so short answer is


Because H.R. Giger loved wangs.


I thought most of the alien stuff was about hyper aggressive vaginas.


I mean…


Speaking of which, Fox just released this official prologue:


IIRC Aliens vs Idiots, the idiots being scientists?


You know a lot of scientists that would just start playing with snakelike goo in an unprotected environment because they thought it was cute? At least truckers, marines and pirates aren’t expected to know better.


To be fair, the only one playing with the Goo was an android who was not really in danger from it.


The entire crew of that ship were morons besides the android.


I think she was talking about this scene: