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I’m just now watching that prologue scene and I’m a little confused. Is Covenant supposed to be a sequel to Prometheus, or just a concurrent story that’s loosely bound to what came before? I didn’t think it was a true sequel, but then there are the characters popping up. This whole mythology is getting confusing.


Covenant takes place after Prometheus, prior to the original Alien.


OK, but how are they related? Besides both having a robot onboard that looks just like Magneto?


Well, I’m not sure what you mean.

Ok, so you know the story of Prometheus, right? Weyland-Yutani Corp sends a ship off to find a planet which is referenced in ancient cave drawing or sundering. They go there. Bad things occur.

The covenant is another ship owned by the Weyland-Yutani Corp, launched after Prometheus, as a colonization mission. To some other planet (not the planet from Prometheus).

Fastbender plays David in Prometheus, who was Weyland’s personal robot. He also plays Walter in the covenant, where the Walter model is essentially​ a mass market version of the Android of which David was the prototype.

Beyond that, you get into spoiler territory, although more information had definitely been shown off in trailers and such.


Yep that’s the one. That right there is a scientist. So was the one pretend​ing like he wasn’t​ infested with something.

When I concur this was a ship full of idiots… totally being fair.


What you said right there. The events of Prometheus and Covenant appear to be happening more or less in parallel, in that they don’t seem to have an intersecting point beyond Fassbender. Or I thought so until I say that prologue video.


Well, they definitely are not in parallel. Covenant takes place after Prometheus, although the question of how long after is not particularly clear.

Regarding fastbender, while I believe David plays a role in this movie (although that alone does not imply it taking place soon after Prometheus, given he is an Android. Indeed, even the existence of Shaw wouldn’t mean much, given the hyper sleep chambers), he’s also playing Walter.

One of the trailers had them find Shaw’s dogtags, so there is clearly some intersection between the stories.


Sure, which is why I said both expeditions get their own Magneto. I’m just curious to see to what extent the two movies do end up intersecting. Whatever it ends up being will be more than I was expecting, just going by the movies titles if nothing else.


I’d suspect at some point they run into/find the original android(David).


Think of all the creative void behind the first Alien. This is where Prometheus, Covenant and potential sequels take place.


I think that’s why I like Prometheus, and probably will like Covenant. I like learning about the backstory of that world.


On one hand I don’t believe they’re in parallel since the short seems to indicate some ten years have passed or something. Or I might have read that someplace. I can’t imagine something taking place at the same time; it’d make the short film pointless. It’d make more sense to take someplace at some point afterwards.

Though kinda looks like David is going to drop a bio-hammer on the Engineers.

— Alan


You guys are takbig me a bit too literally - and that’s my fault for word choice. But all I mean by “parallel” is that the two movies move from a more or less common point but diverge, they don’t intersect. Or at least I can’t see where they do, yet. That’s not to say they occupy the same point in time, that’s not necessary from my point of view. As Timex points out, the androids operate on their own time frame and no doubt so do the movies.

But it still looks like Ridley is trying, even in some small way, to bind the movies together based on the fact that this prologue was released to support the Covenant release. I’m curious to see where that goes.


The movies absolutely do intersect. Characters in this movie encounter stuff from Prometheus, as seen in this trailer:

This was actually an easter-egg trailer, found by tracing back some of the stuff they had in another one of their TV ads. It’s essentially an extended trailer.


All right, I hadn’t seen that before. But that didn’t really clear much up for me. Anyway I guess we’re all speculating until we see Ash pop up in the last ten minutes to tell everyone that they have his sympathies.


One thing that could be interesting in this, is the combination of Walter and David.

David is very much like Ash in some ways. Certainly more independent than ah, who was by all indications just trying to follow company directives, but definitely similar in his disregard for the life of the crew.

It would be interesting if Walter ended up being like Bishop, who went to great lengths to save Ripley and newt, to the extent of ultimately sacrificing himself, and then still saving newt after being ripped in half.

An interplay between both of alien’s Android archetypes might be neat.


I’m really looking forward to seeing a modern Aliens movie. Pretty excited about Convenant. I’m not deep into Aliens lore and while I rolled my eyes at Prometheus, I kinda like how they feature Alien towards the end. I think Covenant is going to enjoyable. Thanks for sharing those trailers!


Prove me wrong, but the modern alien movie already exists, that’s Alien 4. It’s a big, fun dumb b-movie with a few sprinkles of great drama (Ripley killing her cones above all.)

We’ve watched the movies too many times, who’s scared of aliens anymore? The only thing that keeps the original Alien from feeling dull is Ash. The android posing as a human but programmed with hidden motivations is still unsettling.

The Aliens were monster movies more than the visceral kind of horror put out by Cronenberg or Carpenter, I doubt any amount of Ridley Scott production design can change that.


Alien 4 is from 1997. In dog years, that’s anything but modern.


Almost got me with that argument. But then I remembered the dog-alien is in the awfulest Alien 3 and I’m not so sure anymore.

Jokes aside, what I mean is that 4 has already turned the series on its head from monster movie to let’s-kil-monsters movie. And that kind of shift in focus is very modern, just look at what Fast 8 did.

On the other hand, if one means modern as in with modern special effects, I’m not sure how that would improve things over the original Alien. It’s not the kind of movie where the horror comes from seeing the alien. Or from seeing a somewhat mutated/augmented/redesigned alien.

Personally I’d love a gruesome alien based action, but Prometheus has proven Ridley Scott is too caught up in lore and character development to give us a thrilling ride.