Alien Horror Story: Covenant - RIDLEY SCOTT


Based on the trailers, it seems like there is plenty of old school alien Gore.


True. But I’m afraid it’s going to be meet the crew, meet David’s experiments, wait for the alien to incubate, wait for the crew to stop panicking. Then we’ll get to see people being picked off in ones and two.

I don’t hold much hope, but I’d love to be proven wrong.


Should have stopped at Aliens.


I just saw the prologue. Let me get the speculation rolling by saying David must have used the black goo on Shaw to create the first xenomorph, and then that one xenomorph overruns the entire engineer planet. That is why he kept Shaw alive. David is like Ash in that mad scientist that kind of way.

I think I’m watching this in Covenant. IMO Prometheus is less bad in second viewing. As a horror it works very well. As a sci-fi probably not so much.


I can kinda see David justifying everything that he is doing as creating a master race of sorts of which the xenomorph is the ultimate result since he sees humans and even the Engineers as fatally flawed. Look at what it can do–practically perfectly evolved survival mechanisms, all carefully manipulated and pushed along by David.

— Alan


Ash had exactly that impression of it when they first encountered it. It’s the perfect lifeform.


First reviews leaked, including at Variety, before being pulled (can still find archives of them). They were not very positive, and said that it’s very much Prometheus 2.


Up here:

The reviews I skimmed through were more on the positive side, but basically: gorier than ever, solid, but doesn’t really add anything new to the series.


I expect I’m gonna like this, since I liked Prometheus.


Nobody watched this yet?

I’m not going to go into spoilers, so keeping things really vague here. I saw it and liked it far, far more than I thought I would. Much more interesting than Prometheus, and the script has less stupid decisions made by characters (some of them stand out, but overall it feels way more solid). What I disliked more was the callback to Prometheus and the “flashback” midway through the movie (which I think would have worked better as a dialog reveal). There’s also a final twist that everybody will see coming that could have been made explicit and played for tension instead of nonexistent surprise. It’s so much not a twist that I feel stupid putting it in spoiler tags.

But overall, gorgeous to look at and pretty solid. I think there might have been a better movie based on the first 45 minutes or so (without further developments), but I’m not going to criticize this too much when it’s much better than it had the right to be. I was surprised for the thematic intensity.


If nothing else, Ridley Scott knows how to create awesome atmosphere in his movies.


I saw this last night with my Dad and Brother. We all thought it was a poor movie. the Alien(S) were atmospheric and as usual work well the settings were good but


The Engineers world didn’t look hi tech or good enough especially as it was only 10 years on from their destruction

I thought at times the space ship looked poor in space more like a model than a real ship. Nothing made me jump or squeal or even really grimace.

How many times can you [details=Summary]kick an alien out in space[/details]

But the characters were hopeless, it was like it was written by a 15 year old school kid. I can’t believe you think there were less stupid decision made by the crew, they were hopeless and pathetic.


Married Couples on the ship that split up leading them to make irrational decision because my wife/husband/partner is on a planet and I am not. Spending 3 years in space and approach a planet and decide to go through an electric storm instead of waiting a day or 2 until it goes away, landing on an unknown planet and not wearing helmets and getting infeceted. Picking people up from a planet infested with Aliens and taking them back to a colony ship. Letting a synthetic on a ship knowing he looks exactly like the bad synthetic without any sort of checks, that bit was bloody obvious and stupid, everyone splitting up, no one working as a team, they all acted like amateurs not professional space people, the captain dying in the cryo chamber and the number 2 worrying everyone hates him because he is religious rather than useless. Heck I could go on and on the list is endless

Saying it’s better than Prometheus is like saying rather than stepping in a cow pat I only stood in some dog shit so that’s a relief.


That is about all he can do now days.


I have a question that I don’t want to google to avoid other spoilers, but wondering if someone who has seen this in a country where it is already released can confirm (with spoiler tags) if the Engineers from Prometheus are in it?


Not really / only technically so. They are shown in a memorable flashback sequence, and they play a significant enough role in the story, but they have next to no screen time and have no character role.


just saw this. Ridley Scott can’t make up his mind what he wants to do with Aliens… to the point that he is kind of ruining it. i like everything in this movie BUT the story and plot, the casting was good and the special effects awesome, as were the creatures… but I’m tired of the not so subtle God creator Dr Frankenstein Dr Moreau mythos… its just so frikkin old school hamfisted.

Worth watching though, people seem to like it.


Let’s say we thought Prometheus was a mess even if visually stunning… will someone who dislikes that movie stand a chance of liking this one?


It definitely is worth watching, and I thought Prometheus the same way, visually good, plotwise a mess. There are parts of the plot I DO like, but they just don’t handle it well imo… in both prequels.


This wasn’t the worst thing ever, although I might have preferred Prometheus for the med-bed scene alone. Also, I was at first confused by Tess Haubrich and Callie Hernandez, who looked very similar to me.


Holy Shit, that was BULLSHIT.

Ridley Scott fucking midiclorian’ed the goddamn xenomorph.

And those fucking plot twists were so goddamn obvious.