Alien Horror Story: Covenant - RIDLEY SCOTT


They should just abandon the idea of origin stories/prequels and do more movies in the time period of Aliens, be it pure horror like Alien/Alien3 or more action/horror like Aliens/Alien Resurrection.

Knowing the secrets of where things started is something that only appeals to the most hardcore fans and they are going to be the unhappiest when you butcher the IP with mediocre prequels.


I agree now that I see where they went with it but when they say the Aliens are not indigenous to the planet they found them on, that doesn’t automatically mean it has to turn into some giant research out genetics and the origins of humans… it could have just gone to a really cool planet with some pretty scary and lethal shit to allow something like that Alien too emerge from it.

I do think Hollywood is in some sort of prequel kick right now though. From a prison would have been cool too, but all we got from that idea was a prison full of humans, boring, and a dog.


This was awful, boo to everyone who said it was better than Prometheus.

“Containment protocols?”
*confused shrug*



And if I never see another CGI swarm of something it will be too soon.


Sounds like I’ll be passing on this. What a dismal summer movie season so far.

Will the Planet of the Apes entry be my initial movie ticket of the season?


Ooh, this saddens me. I haven’t seen it yet. I am still putting up a resistant front but the mother is likely going to beat me into submission and drag me there.


I listened to the podcast right before you posted this. I’ve gotta admit that I had no motivation to see LLL before, but that’s changed!


Yes sir! I had no electricity until age 15, so my first experience was with the book “Alien,” and I was incredibly intrigued by the fact that, at least in the book, they had certain protocols that would have saved them, yet it was the android which was their undoing.

Still, I’m OK with dumb people being killed. It just takes me a little out of the movie.


This film brought back memories 2 years ago, when I was visiting friends in Zurich, Switzerland. They actually lived a couple of streets away of HR Gigers house in Oerlikon. The garden door was open and we wandered around taking pictures of Gigers statues and art. At the same time we travelled to Gruyere (1.5 hours away from Zurich), where Giger built a museum. When Walter stepped into Davids “museum” I was reminded of the time, when I entered Gigers museum. It was a dark, twisted world Giger/David created… And I believe some of Gigers sketches are shown in the film.

I liked Prometheus and I liked Covenant, too. Maybe it is not the best SciFi movie ever, but it is very solid and the ending was perfect for my tastes. Also the music was great, really great, have to look it up on spotify soon.
I think it triggers my personal fantasy, being on a ship (space ship or other) for months… I hope they can make the next movie, when the Covenant arrives after 7 years… I could imagine, that some colonists might uprise against David…


Yeah, going to wait until it’s on TV somewhere.

Seems like the prequels aren’t going to improve on the Aliens status, going small when I’d think most fans would prefer them going big. Weird, alien species that just exists cause the Universe is big and doesn’t care about you, or bioweapon of ancient species that went rogue, I’d guess either of these would “satisfy” for a origin, but “Aliens exist because a human made robot made them”, they’re not old, they’re not ancient, they’re a variation on Westworld robots, but not as interesting.


[quote=“newbrof, post:169, topic:77713, full:true”]I think it triggers my personal fantasy, being on a ship (space ship or other) for months… I hope they can make the next movie, when the Covenant arrives after 7 years… I could imagine, that some colonists might uprise against David…

You think David’s going to let the colonists just wake up? They’re his laboratory now, 2,000 more specimens for his experiments with the Xenomorph.


true, something needs to go wrong I guess, not the 1st time … I hope they have some colonist marines. Maybe the next battlefield will be the Covenant. I still wonder how a Engineer-Spaceship made it to LV-426. It looks like David created the perfect organism, so the Aliens in Prometheus were not the ones found on LV-426 ? Actually, the lore always confused me.


I’ll be surprised if any colonists or crew from the Covenant show up in the next film as anything more corpses like Shaw in this one.

As for the xenomorph, it looked to me like Covenant (the movie, not the ship) was supposed to be introducing the first occurrence of the version we know and love from the original films. The liquid/airborne spore black goo stuff could infect and kill just about anything, and in some cases spawn a creature from the host as well (which would vary based on the species of the host), but it wasn’t until David’s experimenting and cross-breeding that we got to the face-huggers in the eggs that will spawn the specific flavor of xenomorph that kicked things off.

Now the movie never explains—as far as I can tell—why David seems to immediately recognize that as the ultimate version of the creature. It feels like it was just written that way because the original films dictated that we must end up with that creature. Every other version of creature, from the black goo to the various resulting forms, seemed just as lethal as this final form. I guess David just had his robot heart set on acidic blood? The film seemed to treat the black xenomorph as the fulfillment of his urge toward creation, and I don’t get why this was a more satisfying creation than any of his other hybrids, but whatever.


any chance to get a third movie?

I rate them like this now


I never got warm with Alien 3, and 4 was just silly …


I’ve read Scott was pitching Prometheus - Covenant - ??? as a new trilogy at one point, though somewhere else I thought I heard he had a fourth film following from Prometheus in mind as well.

So I’m sure Scott will keep making these until someone stops him, but Covenant is sort of underperforming at the box office so far, so nothing is a guarantee yet.


he must be in the 70s now … and this second film was 2 years late (in my opinion)…


Personally I’d rank them:

Alien³ (I know it’s a bad film, but it’s a more interesting failure to me than to most people I guess)
Alien: Resurrection / Prometheus / Alien: Covenant all down here in the “I don’t care enough to rank them” territory.


I will take Aliens 3 and Resurrection any day over Prometheus and Covenant.

I mean, come on! Retconning the xenos so they’re essentially David’s creation? Blech.


Prometheus was way better than Alien 3. That movie was an abortion.


Or not wear helmets on an alien world with obvious alien life.

I think Ridley just hates the franchise and is taking an epic shit on it and any lore that might have existed because he can.