Alien Romulus - Fede Alvarez and Cailee Spaeny scream in space

Yeah, I saw something about that but I dunno. I mean, new blood is probably what the franchise needs and I like Alvarez’s work but … I guess I need to be convinced this is something I need to see.

No idea if I’ll watch it, but pleaaaase don’t just call it “Alien”!
I hate this current trend of naming sequels / prequels / requels / postquels the same as the original film! (see “Scream”, “Halloween”…etc) – and I don’t mean full on REBOOTS, as that is a slightly different issue.

A Lien
Al Ien

Remember how slowly these things would progress under the traditional studio system? We’d read an announcement like this and like as not, nothing would come of it? Before all these streaming services hungry for content showed up, and then COVID kept everyone away from theaters, so now Hulu is jamming Alien projects into the pipeline?

What a world we live in.

Anyway, I’m bigtime #TeamFedeAlvarez, but not for Don’t Breathe* or Evil Dead. He’s shepherded some awesome recent horror projects like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel and especially Calls on AppleTV. If you guys haven’t seen Calls yet, I cannot recommend it strongly enough. So, yeah, let this guy have the Aliens license. Lord knows, Ridley Scott is doing fuck-all with it these days.


* The Don’t Breathe sequel is better than the original Don’t Breathe because it knows it’s much more fun to root for Stephen Lang than against Stephen Lang. See also, Joe Begos’ co-star-studded siege movie, VFW.

Lang is a great villain (he steals a bad Segal movie that features, IIRC, Marge helgenborfin of CSI: SVU fame), but it’s also true it’s more fun to root for him than not. But you can’t just pull a Star Wars and go “let’s forget the previous movie and do whatever we want” and just root for Lang with your eyes squinted. This isn’t 'Nam. There are rules.

VFW is complete awesomesauce, though.

I still maintain Evil Dead gets high marks for prop usage (the book). Too bad the rest of the movie is less than the some of it’s interesting parts. I think Fede Alvarez’ misses are still interesting enough for me that I think he’s a good choice for this. I don’t have Apple Vtube+ or whatever so I can’t see Calls, unfortunately.

Have you seen Don’t Breathe 2? Because it begs to differ. :)

Right? I mean, I knew I liked William Sadler from as long ago as Bill and Ted. But I didn’t know how much I liked him until VFW.

Well, at some point, you’re in for a real treat!


By the way, in case folks don’t remember the olden days, this is the reason you’ve heard of Fede Alvarez:

Over ten years ago, some random dude in Uruguay named Fede made a short film with some decent (for the time) CG, posted it to YouTube, and Hollywood came calling!


Oh wow, I remember that but totally forgot it was him!

Ooh cool. Cailee Spaeny was really great in both Devs and Mare of Easttown.

I didn’t see either of those, but I can attest that she was also great in Pacific Rim 2.

(Ha ha, I saw Pacific Rim 2.)

Man, I really dislike most everything Tony Scott does. I would prefer he pass on trying his hand at Aliens. Hopefully Alvarez has complete control

No love for Top Gun? or Crimson Tide?
Though he won`t be involved in this since he passed away a few years ago…

Ridley, or Tony? Huh, how out of touch am I? That’s what I get for watching fifteen years old movies.

You mentioned Tony, but Ridley is still around.

I’m all mixed up, wasn’t one one Ridley’s sons directing now as well?

Ha ha, you watched Raised By Wolves. :)

Luke Scott also did a modest but awesomely cast horror movie called Morgan:

More casting news.

And filming starts next week, apparently!