Alien Shooter TD lives up to every single word in its name


Yep, but there’s no way I’m ticking that! At the very start of a level the choice of who gets a refill and when is often critical!

You get the emotional satisfaction of giving each level a little yellow shield.

ps: I started dong most missions with shotgun/rifle/cryo/sniper, but then “upgraded” to shotgun/rifle/cryo/laser. I’ve tried out the other two soldiers, but they don’t feel as effective as the others, so I pretty much do every level with shotgun/rifle/cryo/laser.

Should I be branching out and using the others more? e.g. what use is the sniper, really? Or the other two guys with the massive footprint?


I like experimenting. I got this wicked weapon for my laser guy and things just melt and it’s not even a blue or legendary. I didn’t use laser last go around - stuck to cryo, shotguns, snipers and plasma. So this time I’m rockin shotty, machine gun, sniper & laser. We’ll see how far this can go.

From my last playthrough - Cryo and Plasma are a wicked combo. One freezes everything and the other just puts on the damage. I like shotty’s because of the push-back. Those 3 together can pretty much hold and contain any type of blob and you have either machine guns or snipers for cleaning up leaks.


Hammered the map a bit on easy, to see what kinda new maps await.



I completed this a while ago and got gold in all levels (I thought about getting that last achievement but IIRC it requires killing a million aliens, which would have meant putting in dozens and dozens of extra hours). The only weapon I could never find a good use for was the flamethrower. I found early on that Cryo was the way to go, especially for those pesky, ultra-fast roaches.