Alien Swarm - Free VALVE Source Mod


Oh, okay. Honestly, I think the thing that ended up scaring me the most on Insane was the damn queens with their little broodling swarms. It's really hard to deal with when you're packing a flamethrower, while parasites aren't that big of a deal.


Finally got around to play this, and everything about it screams "BTG WOULD LOVE THIS GAME" but...christ, the controls feel off. And I have no idea specifically what it is, but I'm constantly disoriented. I guess I echo WarrenM's comments from last year, just something really odd feeling. Maybe I constantly confuse myself with my teammates, and the mouse controls just feel awkward/wrong.


I had the same exact feeling, but it went away after about 30 minutes. It does get confusing at times, though. There is a lot of stuff going on at once.

I would pay money for a good DLC update to this game.


I didn't play a whole lot of this, but it would be nice to see some new maps/campaigns at the very least. Fun game.


Jumped into an offline game to see if I could remember why the controls suck and wtf, they SHIFT THE ENTIRE VIEW WHEN YOU MOVE THE MOUSE. Holy shit, no wonder why I was confused/nauseous the whole time, you're constantly scrolling the screen just by rotating in place.


While perhaps a little counter-intuitive at first, the benefits of being able to adjust your screen to line up shots that extend beyond half a screen's length far outweigh any nausea you might experience as a result of the system. If I had to play Alien Swarm with the character stuck in the middle of the screen at all times... well, I wouldn't play Alien Swarm at all. I get enraged enough by my teammates alone, but getting jumped by parasites the moment I can see them at the edge of the screen would drive me up the wall.


Yeah, I didn't get that sense of nausea, personally.. None of the people I played with had that problem, either.


I'm amazed that Valve never did more with this. Forgot that existed until this thread was bumped :-(

I figured they were going to use it as a platform to test the waters for free game + microtransactions, making the way for DotA 2 this year.


God damn I think I'm gonna reinstall this.


Same, I would have loved to see them develop this further.


Yeah seriously. This game is just begging for DLC maps.


There are a huge amount of fan created maps and campaigns here //


Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop goes live today! FREE!


It’s still Alien Swarm, and that’s perfectly fine. My only gripe is needing to grind my way up again, at least for that medic gun, but I’m downright pleased to have this game get a second lease on life.


Can someone explain where the game saves?


It’s buried in the Steam userdata folder, apparently.

…\Steam\userdata*your user number*\563560\remote


Well shit.


Heh. Actually I meant it more like, does the game save your progress? It doesn’t seem so. Every time I lreturn to the game I have to start a new game. I understand that I save some progress via my level. But unless I continue to play, area after area, I seem to start with a completely new team. What am I missing?

Regardless, I’m really liking the whole Alien vibe.


Oh, probably better to think of it as something along the lines of Left 4 Dead in terms of gameplay structure, then. You boot it up, run through a campaign, and it’s done. You can play it again or move on to a different one. There’s no Helldivers-style overworld campaign map or meaningfully intricate, dynamic campaign. Just a lot of alien killing. Your player level is the closest thing to progression, and it goes up so fast that you’ll max out in a handful of campaign playthroughs (after which you can prestige if you want, but it’s pointless as far as gameplay is concerned).


That makes sense. Thanks.