Aliens vrs Predator movie greenlit

Not to say that’s it’s actually going to get made, but I’m happy to see they’re greenliting an initial script.

But Paul Anderson, ugh. One of the worst writer/directors out there and he’s attached to a film I was truly excited about. Here’s hoping he messes up and accidentally makes a good film this time.

Also… based on the video games? Umm, someone needs to do their homework. The plot is very similar to one of the original Aliens vrs Predator comic book series. In the original, the predators seed the planet with alien eggs on a human colonized planet for a future hunt, instead of humans hatching the eggs to attract the predators.

Ah well, here’s hoping it’s decent.

Ugh, I hope they aren’t using the script that I read (admittedly off the internet). That one is simply, how should I put this… uninspired.

  • Alan

How did the second-rate, B-movie Predator end up teamed up with the classy Alien? Reminds me of that Joe Jackson song “Is She Really Going Out with Him?”

Maybe they should reconsider the partnership. Better ideas:

  • ALIENS vs. THE MATRIX: Agent Smith, solo, vs. an office building full of Aliens.

  • ALIENS vs. SAURON: 'Nuff said. Chestbursing a ringwraith – priceless.

  • ALIENS vs. MEN IN BLACK: See Will Smith’s chest burst open. Awesome!

  • ALIENS vs. SCOOBY DOO: The queen alien turns out to be an old man in a costume.

  • ALIENS vs. MR. DEEDS: Bye, bye, Adam.

What going on in Hollywood that suddenly “versus” is the operative concept? All moving toward greenlight (odds are some won’t make it)

Superman vs. Batman
Freddy vs. Jason
and now
Alien vs. Predator.

All sound more like excuses not to have a story. The title pretty much says all you need to know.

Not to mention “Star Wars vs. George Lucas.”

Lucas killed Star Wars 3 years ago. We already know the end of the movie.

“There’s something out there waiting for us, Royal, and it ain’t no man…”