Aliens vs child predator

I’d like to send out a offer to chet and erik to host aliens vs child predator on some hosting I have if your interested let me know

Speaking of which, when are OMM updates going to resume? Ever?

I thought erik moved to SF so he could explore his “lifestyle” and write copy for direct market mass mailings.

Erik was just here, so I was holding out a hope that he might answer my plea.

Anyway, I heard they were updating it again but restructuring or something. Bringing on more writers maybe. Then again, that could be completely false, because I don’t really know at all. All I do know is that I’ve cried every day since it went down except for the first ten days that it was back up. Ever since then, I’ve cried twice as hard.

Either that or so he could work for Doublefine, although technically those things aren’t mutually exclusive. We now return you to your regularly scheduled inane speculation about the return of OMM.

  • Alan

is doublefine a direct market place? cuz I know what I heard

I can’t tell if you’re joking or not, so I’ll give the straight answer. Doublefine is a game development studio. They are working on the upcoming game ‘Psychonauts’, which looks great.

You probably are joking.

There he is in the background.

I appreciate the offer. Unfortunately, hosting isn’t the problem. It’s the laziness. AvCP needs to be converted into PhP from our funky old proprietary code, which no longer even works a little.


He looks like he is being held hostage.

He looks like he is being held hostage.[/quote]

Yeah, he’s not the jolly erik I thought I knew. Still, I guess I have to play Psychonauts now. Which means I have to buy an XBox. Sigh.

I’m pretty sure Erik is frowning because he knows any picture with him in it will make this forum eventually.

If Chet or Erik would like, and assuming they still have the code, I can host the original OMM pages that are running on their old scripting, since I have two compatible setups. No point in letting all that hard work go to waste. Assuming you guys still have a backup of the old stuff, just send me over the .wcs files and any additional methods and I’ll put the entire thing back online the way it was, no problem.