Aliens vs. Predator 2 - Primal Hunt

Imagine me opening a copy of Aliens vs. Predator 2, setting it in the middle of the floor, and then taking a giant dump all over it.

That’s Primal Hunt in a nutshell.

It is impressive in that they managed to take what was an excellent first person shooter and completely eviscerate all the aspects of the gameplay that were enjoyable. My hat is off to you, Third Law Interactive! I think there’s also a closet sadist on the dev team. I can’t remember the last time I had to reload so much due to bullshit hidden/trick enemy placement.

Not recommended, obviously. If you haven’t played AVP2, get that instead. If you have played AVP2, and you don’t want that nasty “I never want to play another Aliens vs. Predator game” feeling, stay away. People complained that Blue Shift was short, but damn, I’d rather have 6 hours of solid fun than 10 hours of hoping that maybe, just maybe, the next level will rise above mediocrity.

missed this post.

Is it really that bad?

Sounds like that Rune expansion!


Yep. Worse, actually.

Thanks for ruining my Friday…

Thankfully I haven’t met Wumpus in person, so the mental image isn’t as bad for me as it may be for some of you.

Oh and Matt, you playing BF later today? Eh? You know you wanna! YOU KNOW! I KNOW I WANNA! YEAH!

Was the Rune expansion that bad? I figured it -had- to be better than Rune itself.


How bad was the film BARB WIRE?

Imagine me opening Pamela Anderson’s tight fitting leather bustier, setting her in the middle of the floor, and then taking a giant dump all over her chest.

eeew hepititis-laden cleaveland steamer!!![/b]