Alita: Battle Angel - Robert Rodriguez, James Cameron, anime eyes


Setting aside for the moment that interesting isn’t the opposite of terrible…

You’d be hard pressed to find a single action movie with interesting dialogue? Is that something you seriously just said?


Interesting is a different measure for different people.

But anyways, @Left_Empty, glad you enjoyed it. I am cautiously optimistic about it, having really enjoyed the first manga series as a teenager (never read Last Order and while I was thinking about it because of the movie, you seem to indicate it’s not worth it?).

Also, we need a Motorball videogame!


Road House had great dialogues, but that was an exception.

There is some wacky and dark world building in the first few books of Last Order — Kishiro’s really good at it — but 90% of the series is basically a Dragonball budokan filler event: a karate tournament takes place from book 5 to book 17 — and I used to think of the Motorball of the first series as filler!
Both in Last Order or the recent Mars Chronicles, Gary has just become a detached spectator, the absolute anti-thesis of her character at the beginning of the series. Maybe it is just part of a 20 years long story-arc the author has been concocting, but I am doubtful. As such, it might be nostalgia for the character that made me enjoy the movie more than most might think it really is worth.


You must be nuked from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.


I read the series recently due to the movie, and Last Order really doesn’t hold up to the original series. It’s not bad, as such, but it pretty much loses a lot of what makes the original series interesting, except in the occasional flashback and world-building sequences (as well as the occasional introspection by the main character, but as you note - she becomes much more of a detached spectator in LO, than she was in the original series).


Very good movie.


I’m very glad it turned out to be a very good movie. I am usually skeptical of Hollywood, but this looked cool to me. Not sure why everyone is so hung up on the eyes. Yes they make me uncomfortable, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


They didn’t make me uncomfortable - I mean, I KNEW she couldn’t see me ! Lol jk. Anyway they didn’t make me uncomfortable. I love the tech n mech. Was unfamiliar with the manga or anime - may check them out now.


Read the manga, avoid the anime (it’s just bland)


The only good part of Last Order and beyond is the cool world building (it’s a full transhumanist scifi with different factions in Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, etc). Apart from that, the self contained adventure of the original comic was much better.


Ok - thanks !


Movie good, eyes are ment to hit uncanny valley, so if you Get a bit creeeped the effect is correct on you.

Wanted more motorball, but still good fun.


Are they? I was under the impression that the reason for the eyes is that Cameron and Rodriguez were aping the look of the manga.


Kishiro’s visual take on the Western take. It could go loops and loops!


Psst, Left_, not everyone here speaks Elvish like you apparently do.


It’s just the image linked. An illustration by the original author of the film character.