All "A Star Wars Story" side movie projects on hold

Solo really messed up that plan.

Was there ever a specific rationale given for releasing Solo in May instead of the holidays? Was it bumped or moved based on any of the other Star Wars, or was that just someone’s plan for some reason?

Yes, I think they need to be more event driven. It was too close.

My best guess? They have Mary Poppins, also Harry Potter comes out around that time. Wreck it Ralph comes out in November for Disney.

Disney has basically tried to have one big movie every month this year, January and October excepted I think.

That’s right, they do!

“I’M MARY POPPINS, Y’ALL” – Princess Leia

So now they aren’t making the stand alone movie I would actually be interested in with McGregor in a Obi Wan movie. Lucasfilm seems like DC/WB with being very reactionary and no real plan for the IP. Like throwing darts at a board to get ideas…

Well, I wasn’t interested in Solo at all, but found it better than TLJ (easy to do) and even probably TFA. I can see where many wouldn’t like it as the Solo character in this film doesn’t feel like a younger version of the Han from later episodes. But the world felt proper and I liked this version of Han enough that it worked for me. Going in I knew it answered far too many mysteries of Han, but even that didn’t bug me once I started getting into the film. The dice were the only thing that kinda bugged me. Mostly because they weren’t a thing until TLJ and they made no sense there. Stop trying to make the dice a thing, Disney!

EDIT: that said, I’m still not interested in more origin stories. I’d prefer they spend their time working on new stories/side-stories/whatever. Go forward, not backward.

It is true that of all the possible Star Wars “origin stories” Han Solo had the biggest claim to be first and most interesting and most appealing to audiences. So if they can’t deliver that… pulling back makes sense to me.

I just don’t see why they don’t hire a writer, and come up with new characters in the same Universe. So many stories that could be told, but nope, they have to go with the same stale group.

Because it’s the safer play. Ideally, they’d do a mix of both.

They have characters that haven’t been in movies before that I suspect would do well. Would love to see a Thrawn movie, or Doctor Aphra.

There are certainly ways they could branch out, but the total failure of Solo has, it appears, spooked them completely. They need to make sure that they haven’t poisoned the well entirely before they start experimenting again, and that means focusing on Episode IX and the new trilogy that Johnson is writing. Plus I think they’ve got several streaming-only efforts in the works for their streaming service that’s going to launch in 2019/2020.

All of which is probably good, IMO. A new Star Wars movie every year was probably too much. And these side projects that tell old stories that have zero impact on the future of the franchise aren’t good enough.

This doesn’t seem like it’s spooked them away from branching out—almost the opposite. They’re ditching the movies about established characters and only moving forward with the stuff that’s going in new directions.

What they need is a multi-million dollar Star Wars live action serial series on their new service next year. Call it 10-13 episodes, crazy budget, big stars, all new characters. Maybe set it in the Old Republic or something. A long 10 episode story arc with bounty hunters and weird aliens and all that.

…to recycle all the iconic scenes from the same old movies, except this time with salt instead of snow, and much lamer.

Oh you’re one of those.

I think the vision for the previous live action series was great - set it in the depths of Coruscant, like on street level, with all new characters but during events that you know. Supposedly George Lucas was pitching it as “Deadwood + Rome” in tone and production value.

Could you have a Logan or Deadpoolkind of movie in the Star Wars universe? Would that be too far from what the franchise has been or would you be able to find an audience who would be interested in that?

Conversely, if I’m looking for Logan and Deadpool should I look to those franchises and not Star Wars?

You’ve had a Logan, sorta. TLJ.