All Blue states should secede and join Canada!

A map of the state-by-state voting in 2000 suggests the obvious answer. With the anomalous and proud exception of New Mexico, Gore states are contiguous either to Canada or to other Gore states. In the most peaceful and democratic way, without invoking images of Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee, these states need to secede from the Union, reform into provinces and join Canada.

Sorry New Mexico, you have to stay. New Hampshire, you’re now surrounded by Canadians!

Red States, you’re on your own. No more money from Blue states to pay for your pork, we get to keep it all now and pay for our own pork. Hooray! Kids in the Hall reruns and Alanis Morrisette CDs all round!

Does anyone else find it more than a little creepy the way the liberals on this forum refer to “blue” and “red” states so often? Very us vs. them.

Yeah, I’m glad the conservatives aren’t divisive like that!

If there’s one thing you can[size=1]'t[/size] say about conservatives, it’s that they’re very accepting of those with different viewpoints.

Funny column. But Lewis sure wasn’t thinking of Chretien when he typed this sentence: “We new Canadians will (shortly) acquire a national leader capable of producing coherent sentences in at least two languages.”

Does anyone else find it more than a little creepy the way the liberals on this forum refer to “blue” and “red” states so often? Very us vs. them.

Nah, they just enjoy the sole topic where conservatives can be refered to as “RED” instead of vice-versa.

Democrats are depressed, Republicans are communists.

See ? Opposites are fun!

So Canada will share a border with Mexico? I guess that means that pot prices should drop in Canada as well? :wink:

By ‘shortly’ I think he means when PM becomes the PM.

Good point. I thought Lewis meant when the states joined up. He probably should have added an aside there, as I don’t think he mentions Martin anywhere in the column.

But But…I live in N.H. and I wanna go too…could Nashua (which seems mostly Democrat) leave with the rest? Kinda like a West Berlin thing? :D

Seriously though…I predict that N.H. is going Blue next election. With the huge influx of former Massholes in southern N.H. and the rate of unemployment exc, the ‘left’ feeling in the state is very refreshing.Even hardcore GOP’ers are pissed at this president. Infringing on individual rights to N.H.ites is THE cardnal sin. Live free or die is taken very seriously up here.Reaction to the PAtriot Act is very hostile.
the Dean factor in N.H. is unlike anything I have ever seen in politics. I’ve had it described to me by some older reporters as ‘RFK’ like. People are coming out to see this guy in droves. A simple meet and greet in a one road town which they expected 300 people tops, almost 6000 est. showed up. It shut the town’s main road down.It was a hell of a sight. In my former journalist life I covered alot of politics and for the first time I wish I were covering a candidate…which of course means I’d be exactly the wrong guy to cover the candidate.