All Co-Operative (Coop) Games are Good

We’ve had some genre or platform specific threads about co-operative games, but not a general discussion. I’ve always felt that co-op makes any game better. There’s a great list from PCGamer to give you some ideas, and of course Co-Optimus has a strong database.

So what’s your favorite co-op game?

I concur. I don’t play with randoms but sharing a game experience with a friend or family member just elevates it to the point that it’s very nearly a required feature for me. Whenever I play s single player game I enjoy I inevitably get frustrated that I can’t play it together with a friend or my nephew.

So far the best I’ve played have been:

  • Dying Light
  • Deep Rock Galactic
  • Sea of Thieves

We played some of the Telltale games like Wolf Amongst Us as a family. It worked well.

I want to play this with my daughters but need the ability to turn off voice chat from outside of our “party.” It doesn’t seem like that’s possible?

Oh god I’ve no idea, truth be told.

We generally disable in-game voice chat and use Discord or Xbox Live Parties to chat.

Do you have to disable the microphone at the system level? I didn’t see an option to turn off voice chat.

Ah, I was thinking of Star Wars Squadrons, which was a simple toggle. In Sea of Thieves turn on push to talk and turn down the two chat volume sliders.

No Way Out was good.

Love games co-op. I am much more likely to pay for a out the gage, full or near full price release if the game is co-op. And my co-op love and experiences are with people I know, so not not random groups pvping other random groups.

The Overcooked series is really, really high on the list. It’s just so easy to pick up and play with other people, even those who do not game… well. It’s just a blast.

Monster Hunter World is a distant second because it’s not very forgiving at all so those who are not good at games are going to bounce of it pretty hard.

Don’t Starve Together I kind of wish it had a little less inevitability to it, but it’s great fun, easy on the eye, hugely, hugely customizable and even those who are not good at games stand a fair chance when paired with those who are.

Vermintide/L4D - these games are coop FPS type games, and a weak player can still enjoy it with stronger players in the mix.

Gloomhaven/Divinity - These RPG or RPG type games are great but they both have huge weaknesses if you have someone who is just not a team player in the mix, like someone who wanders off and just won’t combing skills with others to get a good outcome.

CK3 - it’s a social game that you may or may not directly involve yourself with another player depending on where you are and what you do but it’s still fun to play alongside others.

So Overcooked is a champion right now because I’ve never had someone say yes and not enjoy it. And we can play for… hours, local OR online.

Monaco is a great coop game. You’ll mess up and have fun doing so, and the controls are simple.
Streets of Rogue has excellent, and chaotic, coop.

The Borderlands games are a lot of fun co-op, especially Borderlands 2

Had a lot of fun with Children of Morta doing same screen co-op. It’s an excellent ARPG.

Also For the King is a fun, chill, sorta rogue-like, sorta boardgame experience. It offers some of the satisfaction of those big box co-op fantasy boardgames, without the setup or teardown.

It drives me nuts that Don’t Starve Together doesn’t have same-screen play.

Guitar Heroes 2 and 3 and Rock Bands 1 through 4.

Oh, and the last time I played Artemis: The Spaceship Bridge Simulator was at my bachelor party. That was terrific fun and if we/people in general still did LAN parties we would totally play that more often.

Fortnite’s campaign mode (save the world) is such a great coop experience with friends or family either with voice or without.

Also deep rock galactic, but has been mentioned already.

Have we talked Diablo 3 yet? Because that’s fantastic in coop, if simple.

I played about 100 hours of Conan Exiles with my Gf. Just such a great way to spend time together!

+1 vote for For the King

My most played coop game is actually Total War Warhammer (1 & 2). I really appreciate how Creative Assembly worked out the tactical battles so you could hand over units to your coop partner. Works great for keeping both players involved in tactical battles. Now if they would only get it so we could do simultaneous moves on the strategic map, it would be perfect.