All eBay scammers DIE IN A FIRE

I put my old iBook G4 up for auction on eBay, and just as it ended and I was all happy, I get an email from eBay saying that someone had made offers using a false account and the whole auction was deleted.

So now I get to go through the whole goddamned process again.

I even got a phishing email right along with it. “The money has been deposited! Click ‘Reply’ to confirm!”

Damn that blows dude. E-bay has become a huge pain in the ass. And you had no chance to pull the P-P-P-P-P0wer book prank.

I get more email phishing scams about eBay and Pay Pal than everything else combined, so using either of those two services seems pretty unlikely given the amount of paranoia it would generate trying to sort the scam from the real email. I’m not sure what they can do about it, but it must lose them a lot of service.

that was amazing.

The dude who pulled off that prank disappeared on the face of the internet forever, though.

He still posts at SomethingAwful.

It’s likely that what happened with my bid happened as a result of policies put in place as a result of users like MyNameIsJeff alerting eBay to what was going on.

Don’t feel too bad. You didn’t actually lose anything, just some time and sanity.

Could’a been worse.

Just be sure to check your credit card statements for eBay charging you a final value fee for the auction that they canceled. They tried to hit me with that when I had a similar laptop selling experience last year.