All hands on Steam Deck - Valve's handheld PC

Not-ideal, but offline mode should allow you to play most stuff.

Streaming with Moonlight is fantastic. 60FPS and 5 hour battery life.

So got my deck on Saturday, got Gamepass cloud working with little issue. I’ve come down with a bad cough, cold and chest infection and can barley function so not had much time with it but I have been playing Monster Hunter Rise which is running really nicely.

There are few bummers in life equal to the bummer of having all the time in the world for gaming (on a new device even!) but not feeling good enough to want to do it. Get well soon, Reemul!

I’m just getting over that shit. Awful.

I’ve not tried moonlight for streaming from my rig to the Steam Deck. Was it hard to get working?

Cheers, another frustrating thing is I have never been one for where I get my games from and as I browse things to put on my Deck I now realise how much stuff I have elsewhere that I would like on my deck. Art of Rally is 1 but it’s epic store…

I know I can install Win 11 but really I was hoping to not have to do much hoop jumping.

From now on I will have to take in to consideration the steam deck as an option when purchasing as well

You don’t need to install windows for games on the epic store, you can follow this guide or one of many others:

I’ve played Art of Rally through this method which I have on Epic, it works fine without any issues.

In Desktop Mode search for Moonlight in Discover and install. That’s pretty much it. Make sure you enable Gamestream in Nvidia on the host PC.

Ordered in late August and just got my purchase confirmation email. Looks like Valve is just about caught up.

I can’t get Lutris to see anything in the epic store, I installed the launcher and installed 2 games but in Lutris it won’t remember my log in details ever, really frustrating.

This is what I mean by just owning the game in steam and it working v spending an hour screwing around and not getting it to work yet.

Gog worked fine

Heroic Games Launcher worked better, cheers

Hm. Just got an email saying my preorder deposit has been refunded. No idea why, though.

Valve knows what you did last summer.

There is also a way to install it without using Heroic or Lutris but instead directly. That is what I did but even with the icons in the library, I still need to run the launcher first before I can launch a game through Epic.

When did you place the deposit? Might want to check your spam folder and make sure they didn’t email about your Deck being available or something.

You have like two to three days to complete the order once you’re to the front of the queue. I signed into Steam one day and it popped up a “congrats! Order now by date [three days ahead] or your reservation will be cancelled and deposit refunded.”

Ah, it could be that I just missed the notice. I only placed my order maybe two months back, so I just assumed it’d still be another couple months before I’d make it to the front.

If you were wanting to buy the Deck support has been good about extending a grace period, I’ve heard.

That’s probably what happened. They’ve caught up to orders from a couple months ago in some regions.

People are starting to get their emails from orders at the start of this month.