All hands on Steam Deck - Valve's handheld PC

Mine was delivered very recently and I also had a couple of days delay. Not saying to expect that but with everyone else seeing it, it’s indicative of a probable FedEx issue.

I’ve been telling my wife tomorrow is Steam Deck Day and not to expect too much from me. I’m so stoked.

They seem to have come close to catching up. I put a deposit down on 9/15 and got a prompt to order today.

I paid for mine on the 22nd of September but apparently they are experiencing delays with Canadian shipments. So my unit is packaged and still waiting for pickup.

It took me 4-5 business days from the confirmation to getting the shipping info, so hopefully will be soon for you.

I got my unit yesterday, but haven’t had much chance to check it out. Installed Heroic and played the first few minutes of Death Stranding on epic. Everything seems to look and work great.

I’m kind of surprised just how well it runs things. I fired up Forza Horizon 5 and it runs amazingly well.

All comes down to screen size. On modern phones our brains have been trained to think we need extremely dense displays, but that simply isn’t true. 720p on a 7" screen looks fine, and is vastly easier to run on low-end hardware.

Same thing on TVs, really. It’s difficult to tell the difference in moving content between 1080p and 4k on my 65" TV sitting on a couch 10 feet away, and that’s a LG OLED. Static content and text sure, but in a movie or videogame? Does not matter.

I think it’s time for you to get one Stuss. Give in to your innermost desires!

I know I wouldn’t use it. Same as smartwatches, I find the product category and tech interesting, but don’t actually want one myself. Feels bad when I spend hundreds of dollars on something I don’t really use-- I got the Oculus Quest to play Alyx, did that, then it sat on my shelf for a year until I gave it to my nephews.

Wait. So you can’t play games offline? What the fuck? It’s a portable device. How is that useful? Leaning hard toward selling it now.

You can, but you need to put Steam in offline mode beforehand, as I understand it. This is only really a problem on an airplane or cruise ship or something, somewhere with no cellular internet access. On a train or a long car ride you could just tether to your phone to start games.

I agree this is something Valve really needs to fix, I’ve seen a bunch of people complaining about it.

There’s no instruction manual that comes with this thing and no tutorial for using it. I can easily imagine someone getting on a plane expecting to have their games available and being really disappointed. The device also does not tell you how to enable offline mode or what you need to do to prepare your games for it.

Also not everyone has a cell plan that allows tethering, and even if you do, I for instance, don’t get cell reception in my office at work.

Yes, that’s typically when they start to complain vociferously, after a long plane ride where they had nothing to do because they planned to play videogames.

Your office doesn’t have wifi either?

We have WiFi, but it’s highly access controlled and there’s no way they’d allow a gaming device or personal cellphone on it. Our security gets audited by the NSA every couple of years and our IT security team have permanently clenched assholes.

It works fine with sudden loss of connection, no need to be connected to go into offline mode.

You can go into offline mode while offline and then play games? They must have taken the feedback and fixed it, then. Cool beans.

I’ve played offline games, both because of lost connection and putting the Deck offline.

No, the button is greyed out. You can transition to offline mode if you’re already online and lose connection while playing. You can’t go to offline mode if you wake up the Deck while already offline.

Shrug, I don’t have one so I can’t test it, but the behavior Matt_W describes aligns pretty closely with all the complaints I’ve read.