All hands on Steam Deck - Valve's handheld PC

Any good Demofest stuff that plays on the deck?

I’ve tried & wishlisted Spellbound Demonslayers, which was a fun Vampire Survivors copy. There was another one, Soulstone Survivors, but I found the visual effects got too crazy. Couldn’t see what I was doing after awhile.

Happy to see that! It’s enough for devs to take the deck seriously and try to support it :)

It’s taken awhile to get there with supply issues but it does seem like the demand exists and the deck is something that will endure as a product category. I do think we’ll see more studios explicitly supporting its hardware profile and usage patterns in the future. Valve discovered an untapped market.

Good stuff.

I bought one more to support the product category than any burning desire to have one, and it showed up yesterday. “Eh”, I thought , “seems ok”. Then I downloaded Vampire Survivors, and I barely made it to work today!

A huge appeal of consoles vs PC for me, and it’s been apparent this is the way it’s been for some time, is the difference in “setting” where you are consuming this content. I think this accounts for much of the appeal of the Switch. The Steam Machine sorta-kinda worked in this regards - the living room PC - and i did enjoy it for the year or two the Alienware Alpha worked as a windows TV PC rather than simply a PC, but clearly that died on the vine. It’s almost like for PC only gamers, the Steam Deck is the first time they’ve experienced the joys of playing a PC game and not sitting in an ugly PC environment.

It’s kind of tied into my low level loathing of the “consumer desktop gaming PC” as a relic of the 1980s PC form factor and design, and certain inertia of Taiwanese supply chains.

Well yes but we’re still a large market and with plenty of spending power. I have 20-something coworkers who all scramble any time there is a new GPU released, so it’s still a healthy market at that.

But I totally get what you’re saying about the PC space. It’s one of the reasons my wife was happy I’m back on the couch.

Sounds like I need to look this one up!

That’s not really what i mean. It’s more of a 'if you build it, they will come" problem. People accept it because it’s just the way it’s always been, but it could just as easily be another way. Like, you can imagine a world where nothing has a box and all consumer goods in stores are locked up behind glass cabinets. Or a world where cardboard boxes aren’t the default used for shipping but some kind of reusable ‘shipping container’ or whatever. Certainly people did this in the past with things like milk containers, where everyone turned in their glass milk jug and got new ones, ect. What i dislike about the PC is that it’s just perpetuating 1980’s design. It’s not that people are consciously making a decision about it, but in a counterfactual where PC design becomes more ergonomic nobody would even know the difference, it would just be how the world is. The consumer PC is like a giant 1980’s console TV; it demands attention, and space dedicated to it, it creates certain demands on posture and aesthetics and ergonomics and interactivity. It doesn’t have to have been this way, but the people creating the PC supply chain haven’t changed in 30+ years, so people just live in that world regardless of possible alternatives.

Stuff like the Steam Deck completely upends the PC space because nobody else dared do it. You really see this, for example, in the professional camera space (Canon, Nikon, ect). They’re pretty much incapable of adapting to the modern computational photography world, and spend most of their time chasing each other around the office. Who cares about Asus vs Acer vs Gigabyte vs CoolerMaster vs whatever? They’re all the same type of company, following the leader and making the same stuff decade after decade.

Oh god yes.

Eventually you’ll reach a point where the deep runs are unplayable on the Deck… but you should still get a couple dozen hours out of it before then. Well worth the (now) five bucks.

Apple experimented pretty heavily with form factor changes in the 90’s and early 00’s, with a significant amount of success. Laptops and digital notepads are at least as prevalent as desktop PCs. There’s a reason the desktop form factor persists and there’s a reason that KVM setups persist. And it’s not because of hideboundness. It’s because of utility. Mouse and keyboard have been iterated to death and are about as refined as it’s possible for input devices to be. The Steam Deck is great, but you absolutely cannot play games that require precise pointing (e.g. strategy games) or typing. And it’s not at all suited for most non-gaming applications.

And hopefully dozens more after the engine update comes out!

FedEx: We are going to deliver your Steam Deck one day early!

Also FedEx: Your Steam Deck is going to sit in a city 2 hours away and not move for 2 days, so we aren’t really going to deliver it a day early.

Argh! I was excited for today, but looks like I am waiting another day. Sorry, just needed to whine somewhere.

Doh. Sorry to hear that. Mine came on time yesterday but I was kind of surprised as the FedEx tracker wasn’t updated for days.

I will say that the Steam Deck is worth the wait though. So far I am really impressed.

Hah! If you look upthread a ways you’ll see my wailing and gnashing of teeth over FedEx. They also said it would be a day early and then somehow my package (at least according to their tracking) ended up in Chicago. Which was problematic, as I live in Utah. It was delivered the next day, while still showing that Chicago was the last stop. /asciishrug


Add me to that list. Mine was two days late but whatever, as long as it made it. It looks like the, "it will be delivered early message was at the source scan time and the updated delay message was in the processing center in Kentucky I believe.

Yep. Same thing happened to me. When you posted last week you were getting one, I wanted to respond 'yeah, as a few days for its side trip to Troutdale, OR. All FedEx packages here in the PNW go through there, regardless if it makes sense or not.

Yeah, watching FedEx is frustrating. It didn’t go through Oregon though. It came through Montana and eastern WA. It sat in Seattle for two days and then moved to Tukwilla today. It’s getting father way. FedEx still says it will be here today.

I keep reminding myself I could play any of those games right now on my PC if I wanted to.

Mines in Troutdale now….says delivery tomorrow.

I’ve had numerous instances of items arriving in Troutdale (for non PNW its the town 5 miles east of PDX airport), only for it to do something dumb, like go to Medford, or one case Florida.

Keep in mind I could literally drive to that DC in about 30 minutes. So going literally anywhere else but the truck for delivery is dumb and wrong.

Ordered the 64 gb this morning.

256 gb ssd, 512 gb SD card, and ifixit toolkit all arriving this weekend in preparation.

Oh also a usb c hub too, because I don’t have a USB c thumb drive.

So how much did that save you? I think I would rather just pay Valve more and ignore the hassle.