All hands on Steam Deck - Valve's handheld PC

Yeah, I ordered a couple of weeks ago figuring that by the time mine ships they’ll have a lot of the initial quirks worked out.

Anyone using Xbox and PS5 game streaming on it? How well does that work?

I’ve been pretty impressed with how many of my favorite titles are verified or playable on Steam Deck.

Have any of you run into big titles that are not?

I’m using the following to attempt to verify things:[oslist][0]=Steam%20Deck%20Verified&refinementList[oslist][1]=Steam%20Deck%20Playable

Received my RMAd Steam Deck on friday. It is a brand new unit with different serial number.

However, I suspect it has the same shitty fan as the previous unit, because high pitch can still be heard sometimes. But thanks to the new beta firmware, it is overall significantly less annoying, so I think I might hopefully be able to play on this one without issue. I really love the device otherwise. I have 26 games installed right now (all in the internal ssd) and they all work great.

Here is DF checking the new firmware update:

Another thing you could do is have a newborn baby in the house for a few months and pretty soon your brain will automatically block out the high pitch tones.

There are some advantages of being old, I guess. My high-pitched hearing’s not sensitive at all. And by the time I get my “after Q3” Steam Deck, I’ll be a year older.

Yeah but then you cant see the screen without putting your eyeball directly on it!

No, you see at our age you need to hold it further away ;)

Same here, I think I’m in the, “October 2022 … maybe,” crowd. If I can even still hear by then I’ll be doing great. I can apparently tune my wife out on command so a Steam Deck? Nothing to it.

Tracking indicates mine has actually shipped…


Big pharma has you covered.

It has escaped the Troutdale, OR Fedex facility event horizon and is allegedly out for delivery.

Steam Deck received. And very very shiny.

I waited to buy Elden Ring until it arrived, since they had gone to such trouble to support it cleanly. Then I had to figure out how to disable the mapping of the back buttons because I kept accidentally triggering the wrong thing.

Any issues noted yet? Fan noise or heat?

Nope. Fan noise is there, but not overly high pitched, and with music and sound on not really noticeable. If you feel the air over the fan exhaust, it is clearly hot, but the unit isn’t.

Definitely want to keep that fan clean, though.

Seriously, that place. This is the perfect description.

Nice, congrats!

On a whim, I installed Insurgency: Sandstorm, and found that it runs like a dream, despite being flagged as unsupported due to EAC. Even playing on thumbsticks works great out the box.

Does it drain the battery slow enough that you can charge off a USB C external battery while using it? Thinking my big battery pack + the Steam Deck would be a nice combo on a long flight.

(My gaming laptop laughs when you use the supported USB charging instead of the brick while gaming… Drains the power much faster than it’s coming in.)