All hands on Steam Deck - Valve's handheld PC

You’re smart!

Apparently it was 11:16am. Central I assume. Maybe pacific. I live in Arizona.

Reading glasses are close, but… yeah that tiny text is rough still. Then again, at 55 I could just be having a “get off my lawn” moment.

Turning 59 in a couple of days, here’s my thoughts.The screen is small, the text tiny. I keep trying to swipe it to enlarge the screen, like I do on my Kindle. Reading glasses are mandatory (3X). The battery is a joke: 2 hours maybe on graphic intense games. Man, this thing runs hot! Don’t know if that’s good or bad. Kind of comforting to my arthritic hands.Racing games are cool, but it feels weird to have the controls so far apart as compared to a standard game pad. It’s cool tech, and I like having it, but I’d be worried taking on the road, or leaving it in my car, so it just sits in its case next to my desk- top PC, which is pretty much my main gaming device. I won’t sell it, but I don’t think I’ll ever use it much.

You can zoom in on the text in a game. Hold l1 and the steam button. Its not a good enough fix to use frequently, but may help

That does help a bit. Thanks!

Despite almost Q3 guess I’m not as close as I hoped hah

I’m 0.02% of the way there!

(ordered 182 days after preorders opened)

I ordered mine at 7:30 PM ET / 4:30 PM PT on launch day. I got my reservation email this last Monday, ordered it Tuesday, and got a tracking number yesterday (although it hasn’t actually shipped as of this morning).
I ordered the 64 GB one, which it looks like has a much shorter queue then the 512.
*Edit: Actually, looks like FedEx finally updated the info; it was received by them at midnight and should arrive here tomorrow!

Yeah Gabe Newell did an interview at one point and said they were expecting 64GB to be the most reserved, but it ended up that 512 was the most reserved.


When is a Rev2 coming?

Why you would need that? Being honest here: As it is, it’s a 9/10 on the 7-9 scale. Well, it’s damn nice. I doubt there’s that much room for improvement right now; unless there’s news in physics the fan noise will be there. What Rev.2 might bring you is more horse power. That will be a thing in two years I guess. I can’t remember being a fanboy for anything but… the Steam Deck. I am just so glad it became a real thing and abandoning my new bought high end PC is just …the way it is but less sad.

I believe he’s joking. :)

He was indeed joking, but there’s a lot of improvement for the second-gen Steam Deck.

VRR is a huge one. Just support VRR with zero additional changes and the Steam Deck would be improved immensely.

The screen, too. Switch to a LTPO OLED, and you add infinite contrast and save a ton of battery when not gaming (or not moving, inside a game). LTPO benefits are huge outside of games too, battery savings are really significant there.

Performance is a biggie. Gen 1 can basically play modern games at 720p with spatial upscaling and a 30fps cap without destroying its battery. The graphics look like absolute dogshit, but the screen is so small and you’re so happy to be playing Elden Ring on the bus that you don’t really care.

The device needs to be roughly twice as fast without using additional energy to give a solid 720p60 or 1080p30 experience. That won’t happen in gen 2, but maybe 3.

You can get some of that performance without destroying image quality by switching from the shittastic FSR1 to FSR2, which is vastly superior. FSR1 sucks ass, FSR2 doesn’t. That’s a software thing, though, not tied to hardware revisions. On the deck gen 1 you’ll still be stuck at 720p30, it’ll just look a whole lot better.

Yeah FSR is already part of the deck’s system overlay thingy, I assume they will update it to FSR2 soon. And I gotta say, games actually look fantastic in native 720p or 800p on this display. Cyberpunk 2077 on medium looks amazing on Deck.

Does cyberpunk support fsr1? If not you’re looking at native resolution which should look great on such a small screen. But FSR2 will run faster.

Steam Deck begs for a VRR display. They should do an in-generation update. It would be so much nicer.

Sweet! Now I can expect to be able to buy one… around the turn of the year. I didn’t reserve it until like November or something. I ran an estimate on a lark the other day, and it said at the current rate it’d be next March, so maybe by Xmas sounds nice.

Cyberpunk supports FSR, but yes I was talking about native rendering. FSR1 declines image quality too much. Of course, now FSR2 can be modded in, but I did not try that.

As for VRR…sure it would be nice to have, but it also means higher battery consumption since framerate would always be the highest GPU can muster.
Right now I can just enable framerate lock to 40fps and 40hz if I want and it is still pretty smooth compared to 30, without going up to 60 and thus eating more battery.

How are the noise levels these days? I am still kinda interested, but wary about noise from fans.

Still a lottery I think. I had my RMAd and my second unit is again the one with shite whiny fan. It is a bit better after fan curve modifications Valve did, but I am still gonna replace that fan once the better one is in stock.

Yes, it is annoying af having to do that. Of course, not everyone is as sensitive to that sound as me.