All hands on Steam Deck - Valve's handheld PC

I would get it. I didnt think I’d use it much and ended up using it a lot.

I’m trying to play Wildfrost and the touchscreen doesn’t work in this game. Never had that happen. Suggestions?

I believe the gamepad mode disables mouse. You can turn it back on by switching to a non-gamepad controller template like WASD+mouse, and restarting the game.

Tried that and it doesn’t help (and this isn’t an issue with other titles). I can highlight/select, but not click.

Added an active command to the action sets for left mouse click. That did the trick

I’m still deeply confused about how Steam Deck syncs with my main PC. The Deck games show up on my recently played list (despite not being installed, which is dumb) but I don’t always see achievements or playtime. It seems really jacked up. Maybe it only syncs off-hours?

Oh this might be the problem, Steam Deck thinks it can’t connect to the Internet when it should be able to. Could this be a router setting? Maybe it can’t handle recovering from sleep? It goes back to normal after a restart.

That’s annoying, it’s basically seamless ect for me. It doesn’t seem to update if it’s idle but not off, but it will update if it’s plugged in or i turn it on to use it.

If you use 5g wi-fi you might often have this problem. Go to system settings and turn on developer mode. Then you’ll get a separate developer options menu. There you can turn off wi-fi optimization. Supposedly it saves some battery but it also reliably breaks connection for me.

Thanks, I’ll try it.