All hands on Steam Deck - Valve's handheld PC

What are the most popular/widely available ones? I haven’t looked into the space for years.

Will this run Star Citizen?

Would this let me play turn-based strategy games like Caster of Magic for Windows and Warhammer Gladius on my 55 inch HDTV from my couch without using a keyboard and mouse? That’s the only reason I’m thinking of buying it.

I’m not a PC sort of person but I do enjoy a bit of Switch in bed in the evenings. I could see upgrading to this instead for that purpose at some point.

I wonder what availability will be like with all the hardware shortages these days though? I suspect you won’t really be able to easily get one until well into 2022.

As interesting as this looks, who releases a portable PC that’s perfect for travel and use away from home in the middle of a global pandemic where most of us can’t travel…?

Also, Valve’s track record supporting its previous hardware adventures doesn’t inspire confidence.

Or rather, it inspires confidence you will be able to buy it for 90% off.

If you can travel to your couch, then this is meant for you.

I saw in the IGN video this is a Linux-based OS playing Windows games. I forgot Valve had made that work.

Sure that’s one usage case, but I’d have thought travel was a significant part of the appeal and success of a portable gaming device.

Emulation folks are pretty happy about this it seems.

Hmm… six months ago I would’ve bought an Anbernic RG351, but they were all sold out. Not sure what else is out there today.

I’ve heard good thing about a Powkiddy. A few of our regulars own that one. @Left_Empty ?

Oh, someone pointed out the ONEXPLAYER upthread.

That’s the day I’ll buy one.

So, can you dock it to a TV set, and maybe connect a gamepad?

There will be an official dock, but you also can connect any other sort of dock/adapter of your choice via its USB C port to hook up other devices.

This looks cool. I’ll probably trying to reserve the middle or high tier model when the reservations open up.

Not clear if the NVMe storage is on board or user upgradable. Even 512GB is pretty small if you are wanting to play recent games.

I’m guessing the battery life is much closer to 2h than 8h too.

Storage is soldered on. You can put in 2TB SD card though (and apparently it should be slightly faster than 7200 mechanical drives? So usable for most games, but probably not ideal for something streaming heavy like Cyberpunk).

It’s storage, but it sucks for loadings. Expect good old PS4 loading times. Any mechanical drive would be better for gaming, but I’m pretty sure that portable thing will be turned into a small desktop pc with plenty of cables preventing it to move pretty quickly.

It’s very limited in what it can do: most popular emulation runs with frame skipping or glitches (SNES, Megadrive or PSX).
I used it mainly for the Lynx, which was really greatly emulated, the Gameboy and Gameboy advance, and Tyrian which is really a sweet handheld shooter of you can believe it.
The problem is that very shortly, the battery bulged so i had to throw it away, which limited its use. I could buy a new one but i used it a bit with an external USB battery, before moving on and nearly forgetting about it.

for about the same price you could get an old DS and a flashcard which offers better emulation options for the 8 or 16 bits consoles.