All hands on Steam Deck - Valve's handheld PC

I don’t think so, given that FSR 1 is available via Steam Deck overlay and FSR2 can be modded into Cyberpunk 2077 without any of the developer’s involvement?

FSR2 absolutely needs to be supported by each individual game. Actually FSR1 does also.

What the Steam Deck is probably doing is “RSR”, what AMD calls Radeon Super Resolution. This spatially upscales same as FSR1 but it upscales the entire screen as the very last step, meaning it upscales the UI and text as well, which looks like shit. But on a tiny low-res screen, it’s basically acceptable. Not ideal for sure, but tougher to notice.

I mean, that mod appears to change the DLSS implementation of Cyberpunk to use FSR 2.0 instead.

Which, it’s great if it works, and could be a way to add it to a bunch of games, but still, I doubt it’s something that Valve could implement for all the games, replace DLSS with FSR 2.0 without the people who made the game having to do anything.

Yes, it hooks into the DLSS2 DLL and translates the calls, from what I understand. It’s an incredibly impressive mod, and hopefully all DLSS2 games will get it. Valve could even support it natively, assuming it doesn’t violate Nvidia’s IP anywhere.

Of course it’s a violation of NVidia’s IP. You’re creating a derivative work of their dll, if I’ve understood the mechanism correctly.

I believe they’re hooking into the existing DLL and translating its calls to support FSR2, so that isn’t necessarily infringing, depending on how they created it.

Ok, there’s no “hooking” going on, they just replace the dll (according to the mod website anyway).

Now NVidia could claim the replacement dll was a derivative work of their API specification. But that’s a lot more legally grey than anything that is based on the dll binaries themselves.

Yeah if clean room implemented they should be ok.

Woo got my email!

Great news! Everyone waiting for the Steam Deck hardware update? It’s here!

But you’re not going to like it!

I usually wait a year or two after a new hardware is released to give time to sort out the bugs as well. Not a full Steam Deck 2, just the little things like the fan that need sorting out.

I also want a Steam Deck to replace my Switch. I I think the Steam Deck is probably a better fit for what I am looking for in a “play in bed” handheld.

Could also be the reason why they’re able to double shipments. Accept a wider range of components that don’t seem to impact actual peformance.

It probably helps, but it seems unlikely that the SSD was their bottleneck. I would expect the SoC to be the problem, as well as possibly the higher-end antiglare display. Probably also the tooling for their chassis.

I’m just pumped that I can do handheld Slay the Spire without starting over.

As someone who grew up with consoles all the way back to the Atari, I decided to give the Steam Deck a try. The verdict: This is the console I recommend for serious gamers who don’t mind doing some tinkering to enjoy games new and old. But it has major flaws, and it’s definitely not for people looking for a plug-and-play experience offered by a traditional game console.

Lastly, while some may not mind the Steam Deck’s entire PC gaming industry’s digital-only approach to buying games, many who prefer owning physical cartridges and discs — which can be easily shared with friends and resold to others — will view it as a dealbreaker.

Fixed it for them.

And, as of the next generation, all consoles, too.

But hey, cling to those physical media as long as possible! I definitely am!

(And a minor quibble… all electronic gaming media have always been digital-only. But I know what they mean.)

Speaking of tweaking - I didn’t think I’d do much and that I’d let the Steam Deck’s default performance guide what I played, but I recently used the performance controls to drop my max TDP and cap the framerate to 30 on my performance profile for Elden Ring (on recommendation from a forum post), and was shocked to see my battery life basically double with easily acceptable performance reductions. Then I found myself tweaking the grip buttons to sprint without having to hold down the sticks and well, it’s all great. I’m really impressed with the UX on the Deck on the customization front, and in general.

Has anyone actually seen their Steam Deck delivery estimate change with the recent production surge? Mine hasn’t, but I didn’t order until April.

He’s talking to a small audience there, too. Console sales are majority digital nowadays, and have been for a while now.

That 83% digital mix does include PC and mobile games (and Mobile is huge), but just peek in Gamestop if you’re wondering how healthy the physical disc market is nowadays.

Mine hasn’t, I ordered in August.

Neither has mine. Ordered August 2nd. Still July to September delivery.