All hands on Steam Deck - Valve's handheld PC

If they wanted to make it as difficult as possible they wouldn’t have spent time and effort on windows drivers (even if they aren’t as good as the linux ones, they still took considerable time).

Not applicable, all the emulators run fine in Linux. They’re built by enthusiasts.

There’s literally nothing Valve can do about this other than closing off the Steam Deck with a hypervisor like a modern console. That would be anathema to their vision for gaming as a whole so it seems rather unlikely.

Emulation is already huge on the steam deck. There’s nothing anyone can do about that, because emulation is legal and it’s a computer so users can install whatever they want.

This exposes a problem with Nintendo’s strategy, where they release underpowered consoles and rely on great first-party titles. That’s great for battery life and light on hardware, but it also makes their consoles much easier to emulate. I can’t recall another time period when a current console could be flawlessly emulated. That’s unprecedented.

Emulation is legal! Doing literally anything to defeat copy protection is not (in the US). There’s no way to get a Switch game on a Deck without doing that.

That’s right, but that isn’t Valve’s problem. They’re just selling a computer. You can run emulators on your Dell or Apple computer too.

I’m just saying Nintendo’s demonstrated to be very dogged and creative at suing people, and the Deck is a direct competitor to the Switch in ways that a gaming laptop is not.

I love competition and think the Deck is absolutely fantastic, I can just easily imagine Nintendo making an argument (way less crazy than many they have successfully made).

Nintendo DMCAs rando YouTubers, but that’s very different from suing Valve. They’ll talk to their attorneys, be told they have no standing to sue, and then not do anything.

This thread is making me realize I need to check out this Yuzu performance on Deck. I need it up and running for the Bayonetta 3 release :P

The idea that Nintendo would try to sue a company for making a handheld computer “because it can play pirated Switch games” is “Sony will buy Microsoft” levels of dumb and uninformed.

That said, having actually used emulators on my Steam Deck, it’s not actually a great experience unless you either exclusively use desktop mode (which is what I have to do any time I want to play a GBA game) or go down the “create a separate launcher for every game” route that the current tutorials for Switch emulation use, which is extremely tedious if you’re looking at emulating a platform where you have dozens of different games you want to have at your fingertips.


The lifetime hardware sales of the Switch passed those of the PS4 a few months back, and basically every Switch sold has made a profit on the hardware. There are six Switch games with over 20 million copies sold, compared to a combined total of zero* across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Somehow I don’t think “people have Switch emulation up and running to a satisfactory degree to run most games at playable speeds, five years after the system came out” is the strategic blunder you make it out to be.

*noting that it’s basically impossible to find current or correct sales numbers for companies that don’t release that info anymore, which is basically everyone except the console manufacturers, but also that the only game that reasonably could be on this list otherwise is Grand Theft Auto V

I didn’t say it was a stake in Nintendo’s heart, just a problem with their strategy. And it is.

Like I posted earlier, there’s some program that handles setting up everything for you, it does everything other than getting the ROM files. Uses a gamepad UI.

Edit: Found it.

did someone make that claim

Spiderman and God of War sold over 20 million, some other games did too probably, even if we discount third party games like RDR2 or Cyberpunk.

Oh, no, Nintendo doesn’t make enough money to win Internet fanboy wars! They are doomed!

sega does what nintend0med

I guess you technically didn’t say that explicitly, but I think it’s what everybody was thinking you were saying based on the below.

that’s weird!

but yeah, if Switch emulation became a big thing on the Deck it’d be game over for the Deck.

It won’t become big, for many reasons, but hypothetically if it looked like it would, Valve would take care of it.

It wouldn’t be, because they wouldn’t, as previously discussed.

But if they did, they might, unless they couldn’t’ve.


My main opinion of Nintendo’s litigiousness is that they usually aim down (like, way, waaay down). I can see them pursuing the emulator devs way before I’d see them trying to take on Valve. BUT America’s copyright laws are so batshit nowadays I’d hardly write off the idea as completely crazy.

It’s also simply not in Valve’s interest to take a loss on hardware that won’t be primarily used as a platform for Steam. (This is all imaginary hypothetical talk anyway. Anyone got their Steam Decks this month?)