All hands on Steam Deck - Valve's handheld PC

Deck email received! (Ordered April 19.)

Expect upgraded Steam Deck hardware announcement from Valve any day now.

The Analogue order process is not the best. Fortunately the quality of the hardware makes it worthwhile. Are you Q4 2022 like me?

Group B Q4 2022.

I got out all my old gameboy games and got cases for them, cleaned them etc.

Just waiting to get my device!!!

Wow! That difference is night and day. Steam Deck 2 when??

My Deck was delayed a couple of days by Fedex but finally arrived on Saturday. I tried out a couple of games, and so far it’s really great.

Elden Ring: I just tried this out for a couple of minutes, but it looks and plays well. The fan did start to run, but thankfully it wasn’t whiny or annoying. However, I could watch the battery meter continuously, but I figure it would be better if I looked into tweaking down some of the graphics settings.

WoW: This wasn’t too difficult to install and appeared to run fine. There’s an addon called ConsolePort which really helps to make the game playable with a controller. For example, the left thumbstick will make your toon walk or run based on how far you push the stick. Mapping abilities to button combos and remembering them will probably take some work, so most likely I’ll just play this with a basic dedicated farming toon.

Anything with official controller support was great, but otherwise trying to play some other games that depended a lot on mouse + keyboard seemed pretty cumbersome. Especially when you had to navigate and click on small buttons. Tooltips, ugh.

One cool discovery I made was that there’s now the possibility that I can now play The Witness and other FPS games because of the Deck’s smaller screen. FPS games have been my bane, with nearly all of them giving me bad motion sickness. I tried the Witness with my PC awhile back, and it made me feel terrible after just a few minutes. Amazingly, I managed to play it on the Deck for over an hour last night and no problems. Woo! Maybe I’ll be able to play some FPS games now!

Make sure to play Aperture Desk Job. Very cool Deck controls demo.

I’m a little bummed that KUF:Heroes seems to be bugged saving. I need to look up a way to unlock the later campaigns.

I bought Noita- I’ve always been interested, and no console port. I have no idea why- the game plays great with the controller setup. Fun little thing, looking forward to digging in.

Debating whether to buy Disco Elysium since it’s on sale for $14. I bought it on Xbox already, but haven’t started. This seems like a good way to play and it’s Deck Verified, meaning folks don’t think the text is too small. Pretty much ditto that for Sir Brante, another text-heavy game I’ve been interested (that weirdly has an Xbox port, but I haven’t bought that). Hmm.

Also, the GP Cloud Gaming thing works least at home. I can sit in the hammock and play Xbone. Sweet.

I think your talking about the Switch, or is this coming to Steam?

LOL It’s possible I’m in the wrong thread.

The Deck is going to make me rethink my choices in a few years when it’s time to upgrade my PC.

I’ve been a PC guy for my whole life, always trying to get the most bang for my buck, keeping up with the hardware treadmill, but next time, I’m going to see what I can do about playing on the TV, not too close to my face,1080p, 60Hz, far enough that many details aren’t going to matter as much, so a decent APU is enough. And it’s not like I’m still playing Quake II against other people where a pixel would be the difference between hitting with the rail gun or missing…

Yeah, I can’t justify a Deck now, but I can easily see switching from compact gaming/work laptop to Macbook+Deck (post-revision) in the long run.


I just decided to drop the 5 bucks on a reservation on the 256 gb model.

They made it too easy with the pay 5 bucks now, “refundable” later plan. Worse comes to worse if my time is up I can just not buy one and spend that 5 on something else on steam.

I used the in app checker to see what games of my library are compatible. And verified I have 163, as well as 361 that are verified playable.

It covers a lot of games for me I would love to play portable, plus I can use it for emulation etc.

I’ve already used my Deck far more than I ever played the Switch despite owning the latter for years. That speaks to the size of my Steam library mostly. Being able to play all those games on a form factor for the couch or while watching TV with the wife has been great.

Come to think of it, I’ve played my Deck more than my Xbox as well. For a primary PC gamer, it’s just well-suited for what I need.

Something that some people might not give much value to, but is essential for others, I haven’t used it much, but what I did use has worked fine, is the ability to turn it off and then resume your game from where it was.

And still not shipped. After all the “Wow, didn’t expect to get it so quick!” I wasn’t expecting it to still say “preparing to ship” four days after I paid. Oh well, once I have it, I’ll have it. :)

Edit: And of course I got the “shipped” message 2 hours after posting that!

When I had mine, I played it way more than my Xbox, PS5, Switch, PC. It was great playing games everywhere. I gave it to my kid though as she was jonesing for it and I love her more than the Deck.

Will get another one but now I’m playing Dysmantle endlessly on my PS5 and really want to finish that game and Last of Us 2. As long as Dysmantle will take, I’m sure I will get my new Deck reservation before I finish that game.

Are you playing the Underworld DLC? I saw the devs recently revamped the area, and kind of want to dive back in as that area is all new to me.

Add Skipper to the list, I just got my shipping notice. I’m always late to the party.

FYI for people thinking of ordering now.

I did the deck track thing with my pre-order from last weekend, and it says about 120 days until I would get shipping notice. So, it appears it is down to 4 months lead time. The 64 gb model was 90 days, and the 512 was 140ish days.

4 months is better than the year it used to be, but still not exactly a quick purchase.

The DLC is not out on the consoles…I hope it ends up there but for now, just Dysmantling everything on the main island.