All hands on Steam Deck - Valve's handheld PC

Yes, that’s typically when they start to complain vociferously, after a long plane ride where they had nothing to do because they planned to play videogames.

Your office doesn’t have wifi either?

We have WiFi, but it’s highly access controlled and there’s no way they’d allow a gaming device or personal cellphone on it. Our security gets audited by the NSA every couple of years and our IT security team have permanently clenched assholes.

It works fine with sudden loss of connection, no need to be connected to go into offline mode.

You can go into offline mode while offline and then play games? They must have taken the feedback and fixed it, then. Cool beans.

I’ve played offline games, both because of lost connection and putting the Deck offline.

No, the button is greyed out. You can transition to offline mode if you’re already online and lose connection while playing. You can’t go to offline mode if you wake up the Deck while already offline.

Shrug, I don’t have one so I can’t test it, but the behavior Matt_W describes aligns pretty closely with all the complaints I’ve read.

You don’t say!

I disabled wifi so had no connection and was still able to launch games just fine. I’m not technically in offline mode, just no connectivity.

I was on a road trip yesterday with no connection. Games played fine, didn’t have to mess around with modes. Effectively works like any other handheld device.

I actually have one and it plays fine with no connection. Been doing it all week on a trip. Just finished using it on the hwy.

That seems dangerous, unless you pulled over first!

Not really it doesn’t seem to care if I’m offline and moving at 75 mph or just offline and not moving. Plays great either way!

No, I meant while driving, stupid joke.

Just got my shipping notice. Looks like my deck is currently parked in Carol Stream, Illinois. Sounds like a nice place. It is expected to get to my home across the border by the 4th of October.

Same, just got the notice, but supposed to be here Oct 6.

OK, well I don’t know what you guys were doing differently. It definitely would not play any Steam games for me at work with no connection, and no way to shift to offline. I was able to play Epic games through Heroic just fine though.

I’ve had success just flipping it to airplane mode. Have used it on planes that way, in fact! No problem at all, but this is within 12 hours of an active wifi connection at home.

New folks who like rhythm games: Muse Dash is back on sale. I’ve only played this for 20 minutes, but it worked great on deck. It’s got around 50 songs in the 50 cent version. It’s tagged with “sexual content” though so YMMV / NSFW. I didn’t see anything explicit, but I wasn’t looking for it.

Muse Dash has a lot of sexualized young looking anime girls across the product - as playable characters, song jackets, artwork, and UI themes. It’s a fun rhythm game if that doesn’t bother you and well worth the asking price for the base version!