All I want for XMas is a PS3

I saw this on Joystiq today and it’s definitely worth a look for a chuckle.
The site is a parody of the dreadful PSP site (in case it wasn’t obvious). The “user contributed” ad halfway down is my personal favorite.

Is it okay to make fun of him?

the original was such a parody of itself, that this site is redundant

You thought it sucked? I was amused the couple minutes I looked at it shrug And I thought everybody still appreciated a pile-on with Sony.
But please, feel free to break out the tar and feathers at any time.

The masturbation of the defecation of the English language was crapulatory.


Not the same thing Dean, this is a parody of the PSP site… altho I suppose it could have gone in that thread, if anyone really cared. But, don’t let me get in the way of Teh Intarweb Police, have at it!

The parody site was already linked to in that thread a while back.

Oops. Well, damn.