All in one Wonder ovens

In the past I have heard people rave about these ovens you can buy that are part-microwave, part-conventional oven, part-covection cooker. They claim it can cook food super fast and that it tastes really good (ie: nuking a steak isn’t a very good way to cook them).

Things that should be grilled come out like they have been grilled, things that are baked, are cooked fast and thurougly, and all that…

So, I have two questions.

  1. Is this really true? Do they actually work as well as some people claim they do?

  2. Does anyone have a specific reccomendation?

I am considering replacing my “counter top oven” aka, a very large toaster oven, and if these other ovens are really “all that” I might get one.

I thought you were going to post about a malfunctioning ATI card :)

I have heard good things about those ovens, and they’ve become very popular with restaurants that want to offer hot food fast without the usual microwave drawbacks. They seem very expensive, though…

Nobody else has a comment on these?

I’ve never been a fan of these all-in-one appliances including washer/dryer combo’s. I’m convinced they have higher failure rates and if it goes how the hell are you going to cook your food?

I have bought this panasonic toaster-oven recently. Is this similar to the kind you are asking about?

It uses some weird flourescent light element along with a regular heating lamp element. It does cook frozen fish sticks faster than a normal toaster oven, and it can toast frozen cut-up baguettes directly from freezer properly. I really like it, but I don’t think it will grill a steak…

Also, it will put on a light show like you can’t believe. Seriously.

Do you have links to this miracle appliance? I’ve got a gut feeling of shenanigans right now.

I got that same one as a Christmas gift.

It is truly awesome, and makes incredible melted cheese sandwiches.

They suck. Why?

A thousand function with one button! Turn a dial back and forth to microwave something for 3 minutes!

I’ve got no personal experience with the oven, but Alec Baldwin tried to viral market me one, and I really want it now!!

Are you a viral marketer for 30 Rock, because after watching that clip I want to watch the show.

“Hmmmm…5 inches but it’s thick.”

I’ve got a convection microwave oven, and I’d say it’s been pretty good. Cons are the somewhat limited power, due to it being a plug in device, rather than a standard oven which is connected to a 240v 30A circuit, and limited size as a result (it’s got a 15" tray, but that’s still not as big as a wall oven, and it’s significantly shorter than that).

Pros are that when using ‘mix’ mode, it basically cooks as a convection oven, but with microwaves added at a low duty cycle (10% on low, 30% on high) which dramatically speeds things up. For a top-notch convection microwave, I paid about the same as a low-end wall oven, plus I didn’t have to have it installed by an electrician. And though the low power limits the size of things that can be cooked, the mix mode is significantly more efficient than a standard oven, so you save power.

I tihnk it was a great choice for us, as we were moving into a house with a broken wall oven, and had no microwave, so it was win-win. People who already have a wall oven or microwave will have a decision to make.

I fantasize that I have an elec eng degree, so I can take that dial out, hook it up to my friend’s Jaguar, and play Tempest 2000 with it.

Hey wait, I have such a degree…hmmmm…

One use I wanted to get out of it was for broiling. My current toaster oven just doesn’t cut it. I feel kind of bad to heat up my big oven just to briol a k-bob or porkchop.