All-purpose gun legislation thread


My reading of the article is that they didn’t try to sue the guy that sold him the guns (because that fellow apparently complied with the background checks, etc.), but rather the person that sold him the ammunition.

I think the idea they put forward is that the seller should have known that selling one person 4k rounds at one time was weird and stopped the sale.

Is buying 4,000 rounds all that unusual? Seems to me that a couple friends could burn through that in a day or two at the range.


Timex thinks that’s weird!


I mean it’s a lot, but people buy things in bulk all the time. It’s no more suspicious than the dude that buys 100 rolls of toilet paper at once. Does he plan on shitting himself to death or is he just saving money? 99.999% of the time, he’s saving money.

Bullets aren’t that cheap, the difference between say 20 rounds of .45 ACP and 500 rounds is around 50 cents a bullet vs 25 cents a bullet.

4000 rounds is about the same as 200 rounds when it comes to the actual incident. You can only carry so much. Marines only tote around 210 rounds, which is 7 magazines in warzones. He had a single drum of 100 that malfunctioned before he used it all.


No I don’t.

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There goes a big chunk of FUD.


Someone is putting these up in a few places in town.


Interesting article - more full of statistics than solutions, but still. Reading it, I was reminded that our current gun-control tradition largely started with whites freaking out over the Black Panthers exercising their 2nd Amendment rights.


If you feel you have failed in your heart, isn’t that punishment enough?

"Addressing a report showing gun thefts are up in the deep south, an NRA spokesperson said any attempt to criminalize gun owners for not locking up their weapons would be the same as ‘shaming rape survivors.’ "


It’s always cute when journalists go learn to shoot.



Odd, but at least plausible scenario for an accidental discharge.

Knowing you should just let it hit the ground is one thing, human reactions are another.
Also a good case for having safeties on firearms, but most police and feds don’t.


It might have had a trigger safety. Unfortunately by pulling the trigger, even accidentally, that negates the safety.


Possible, though most law enforcement weapons just have really heavy pulls.

A trigger safety usually requires something else to engage. Like a 1911 requires your hand to be on the back of the weapon to engage the trigger. It also has a mechanical safety on top of it.

Odds are it was a Glock which effectively doesn’t have one, though, ironically, they can’t ever go off if you drop them.


No. Example: Costco and Sam’s Club. Is it unusual to buy a case of toilet paper? Of course not. You’ll eventually use it.

On a range day I can easily go through 100 rounds, and that isn’t a long amount of time at the range, with a handgun. What if others go with me?

It’s really not that much until it’s a news nugget. Ex: “the suspect was found with hundreds (or thousands) of rounds of ammunition!”




Nah. Can’t be a thing. No way.


Not technically gun legislation, but you can’t separate the NRA and their insanity from it.



I’d love to know if that was a nationwide store display directive, or did the hunting & camping employee at that store just decide to fuck with everyone.