All-purpose gun legislation thread


I can’t imagine that came down from corporate. Seems more likely that an employee saw the merch sign for, say, a GoPro and thought it’d be funny.

Of course, I couldn’t imagine the number of things that have happened since 9 November.




Only the government and certain people are allowed to have guns.

Pretty sure that’s what the second amendment says.


Also if the government kills you for having guns, that’s fine. As long as the law doesn’t say they can take them away.


There is something about a well regulated miltia.


As long as they kill you with guns.


Griffith wrote that these courts hadn’t done the “historical digging” that would expose the flaws in their analysis.

Ultimately I guess I’m in favor of the result, but I question the methods given history.


In a lawsuit filed in Isabella County Trial Court two weeks ago, the longtime members allege that those with militia ties have boosted membership to take control of the board, have turned the club into a military-type organization, and that a submachine gun shooting event and a militaristic tactical training was held, both against wishes of the membership.


Suspect in custody. No motive yet.


How does this happen and no one gets arrested?



I did some distance driving in the last few days, which allowed me to work through my podcast episode backlog. Among them was the More Perfect (Radiolab’s series about Supreme Court decisions) episode on the 2nd amendment.

Highly recommended. I’m too young to remember before the NRA was a lobbying organization, so it was extremely interesting to hear the history from the 60s and 70s that led up to it becoming a lobbying juggernaut in the 80s.


I also second More Perfect. Very well done and informative stuff. It did an episode on the history, including one crazy court packing example on the eve of Jeffersons inauguration. Everyone should go give a listen.


Third for More Perfect. Awesome stuff.



That’s dangerous. Airplane peanuts can be used as ammunition.


This idiot again.


I don’t understand how the hellfire doesn’t leak out of her nostrils while speaking.