All-purpose gun legislation thread


I no expert in American history, but wouldn’t Lincoln qualify for “most ruthless attack”? Bonus, was a Republican too…


A lot of people don’t know Lincoln was a Republican!


Those are hunting rifles and shotguns. It’s hunting season. In many of the upper open states, hunting season is a big tourism industry. Yes, I know how odd that sounds. They sell them at, or in many cases near the airport so that you do not have to fly with a weapon to come hunting. They can also arrange to ship the weapon back to an FFL licensed dealer near you when you depart.

I would wager very high odds that the person who posted that tweet sat in the plane with approximately 50% + passengers wearing camo. Been there, done that, I was shocked until it was explained to me. Hunting, especially pheasant and deer, are a major thing for some of those states. Next time I head up there I’ll see if I can get a picture of the passengers on the plane. It is pretty surreal.

If this is a problem that needs correcting, the better way to approach it would be with laws preventing out of state hunting. Good luck with that.


Guess you haven’t seen this.

Larson set up rifles, shot guns and hand guns at the Sioux Falls airport for display purposes only.

“The guns were secured and everything was fine; not loaded, no ammo,” says Larson.

After seeing the firearms, a traveler from New York tweeted pictures of Larson’s booth on Friday with the caption “just landed in Sioux Falls. They are selling guns at the airport.”

“What,” responds Larson. “I think that was our first thought: what?”

Even though the statement is not true, the tweet was re-tweeted more than 8,000 times, with many posting negative comments about it.


Noted. Still, I’ve seen similar (perhaps they didn’t sell them AT the airport.) As explained to me, it wasn’t at all uncommon for out of state hunters to purchase guns during the trip. I’m guessing the actual WTF part was selling them AT the airport? I have surely seen hunting supply stores not far from them though.

One of many official South Dakota hunting sites.

No permit, licensing, or registration is required for purchasing hunting firearm in a lot of those states.


Seems like God is protecting people about as well as our gun laws.


Apparently at least 24 dead in the Sutherland Springs shooting this morning, including the shooter.


Damn, figured it was 2 or 3…


I mean, I hope this turns out to be a horrible mis-representation, but…


And now CNN saying the death toll is higher than 24.


Well, what can we do really? Clearly it was God’s will. Thoughts & prayers & shit have been sent.


Yeah as you note, by all evidence, the victims of this shooting were actively engaged in thoughts and prayers when a guy with a gun started murdering them in cold blood today.


If today’s casualty lists end up being correct, 3 of the 5 deadliest mass shootings in US history have happened in the last 17 months.


A church in Texas, and no “good guy with a gun” was around to stop this? Sounds too cavalier, I know, but I’m really tired of hearing that argument. Too much to hope that this time it’ll sink in that the more deadly weapons are around, the more people die.


I can’t wait to see Trump’s quick reaction, calling for extensive gun control reform. Should be more than 3x faster than his reaction on the NY murders due to the number of victims, right?


Depends on the color of the shooter and the victims. He’s got to wait to have all the facts on this one.



That didn’t take long:


Shooter has been identified. Guessing this is domestic (i.e. estranged husband), his mother-in-law has a mailing address in Sutherland Springs.



ugh web2.0 “news” … needs an editor so badly

“Pregnant women and young children were reportedly among the victims, including the 14-year-old daughter of the pastor, who was out of town when the mass shooting occurred.”