All-purpose gun legislation thread


Well it’ll be blamed on the lax Obama administration, then they’ll somehow throw even more money at the military.


PERINO: Gun control, gun rights has been a topic in the campaign, and the NRA gives you an “A” rating and your opponent Ralph Northam an “F” rating. As you’ve gone around campaigning, all throughout the state, what do you hear from people about gun control?

GILLESPIE: Well, Dana, let me say that my fellow Virginians are upset, distraught by what we’ve seen — the news reports coming out of Texas — we are praying for the victims and their families, and it’s stomach-turning, it’s heartbreaking. Obviously, in all elections, the Second Amendment is an issue. I am a defender of our Second Amendment rights, I do have the support of the NRA, my opponent is endorsed by Michael Bloomberg and his gun control group, and you know, we do have a different perspective on that issue and voters will take that into account tomorrow here.

As a state senator, Northam called for a ban on some assault weapons and high-capacity magazines after the Virginia Tech massacre that killed 32 people. He has also pushed to end the gun show loophole, which allows people to purchase guns without a background check. Terrorists have pushed this as a way to arm themselves.

Gillespie, meanwhile, has pledged allegiance to the NRA. He filled out a candidate questionnaire, indicating where he stood on the organization’s key issues, though he has refused to release the document’s details. His undisclosed responses earned him the organization’s highest rating.


Included “modifcations”: chainsaw bayonet.
The internet was thrilled.


It’s a hashtag now… and it’s glorious.


None of this is funny to me.


Is this funnier?


More in line with my expectations for a discussion about mass murder.


Those look like little kids backpacks, as in the kids that take the backpack off once they get to school and put them on when they leave. So they’ll have half-ass protection about 10-15 minutes before and after school?


Look, libtards:

A Serious Journalist in the beating heart of USA Today’s Meme Generation Unit fucked up some details about guns.

If you need more evidence about why regulating firearms in any way is anti-American, well, that’s not Real America’s fault.


There’s always this if you think the kids need more armor:


This is so depressing. I guess this allows us to stick our heads in the sand and pretend it will help, about as useful as hiding under a desk during a nuclear blast.


Hey, I was told that would *save my life!

* - as long as the blast was .00000000000000000000000000001 megatons yield or less


Chainsaw bayonet is awesome.



I swore the “no guns in schools” thing was a federal law.


So basically a copy and paste of the last AWB… that lost the Dems Congress and got a ton of the GOP elected.
Plus bump stocks or something.

Sure, just hand the GOP the next election after your huge win.

Also gotta watch those… telescoping stocks. And pistol grips. FFS.


They just don’t learn. This is a single issue for so many. Just reinforces this. The Republicans are probably high fiveing each other now.


that’s okay feinstein is retiring because she’s a million years old anyway right?



So what’s the solution? Let the 2nd amendment gang have whatever they want in perpetuity?


In terms of policy outcomes in the current year, yes. There are no actual alternatives, only posturing. Leave it alone for now.

It’s like running on legalized gay marriage, in 1990. You may be right, but you will lose the election until society comes around to that point of view. That sea change happened with regard to LGBT rights, and it may happen with guns at some point. But it has to happen from the ground up, not from Washington DC down.