All-purpose gun legislation thread


You have heard of the one above it right, the First Amendment?

It gets challenged all the time… all the time, constantly, generation after generation coming up with new ways to try and challenge that right.


And interestingly the NPR show More Perfect had the episode this week as a debate on that very topic. Ken White of Popehat pops in.

@Timex you really should listen to this one, I think you’ll like it.


Are you talking about this one:

NOVEMBER 6, 2017
The Hate Debate


Precisely that one @Nesrie.

Sorry on mobile so linking to the show is a bit more difficult ;)


I just listened to all of it. I am still in the ballpark of why would I listen to a podcast instead of reading something or watching it but it was interesting debate. And yes, the First Amendment is probably one of the most divisive and recurring rights we have, but you can’t really snip it down to fight for this right or the other side will kill you, and it’s not as easy to say I demand to have this but then agree to allow something under that right that you don’t agree with like… being able to say anything you want online, usually on a private medium, but still demand someone else not do something like kneel or burn a flag.

The media hasn’t figure out a nice way to carve up the population to easily sell one side or another on this one. We fight about it all the time, all the time.


I love how this gets weirder and weirder as it goes on.


I had to stop watching when it was like “This is the gun used in this church shooting…” overlain with images of said church shooting’s aftermath.

What the shit.


Naw, man, you gotta watch till the end. The details of his wife’s passing, and then her, um, replacements…


So much stable.

It’s funny though that he’s from NYC. Definitely not every gun nut is a southern hillbilly. It’s almost like some kind of overreaction to living in NYC actually, like some fear of being defenseless.


I feel kind of bad for that guy.

I think that I “get” the idea that guns are cool. I have a similar feeling about them, as well as other well made tools. They feel solid, and well built. It’s a marked contrast to so much junk that is sold today.

But at the same time, I was always raised to think of them as tools, and while I appreciate tools, I don’t generally buy ones beyond those I actually need.




It’s okay. They’re plastic, in a Pleasantville sort of way. He can join the guy running around hugging the anime pillow with a name.

It’s sad, and I’d normally feel for him, but he jokes about not having to go out to dinner and the guy held various guns while telling us which mass murder it was involved with… and he’s the one selling guns to other people we’re supposed to have confidence in? He laughs a lot too, while talking about the death of people.


After reading The Gun, I kind of want to own an AK-47. Not because I’d ever use it, but just because, it’s, like a really cool object with a lot of history. Also, due to cold war manufacturing, there’s apparently as many AK’s as there are people on earth.

Now, I never would, even if I had the opportunity. But they are really neat pieces of engineering.

Although, I feel the same way about lots of things. Like Transformers toys. I can’t imagine how they design those, getting all the hinges and whatever in the right places to transform easily, reliably, and without risk of breaking.


Wait, what magic Transformers did you grow up with? My Bumblebee suffered a crippling dismemberment early in his career, while at least several others endured sudden onset limb loss and other battle wounds during the war.


Early first gen Transformer toys were pretty high quality compared to later ones.

I recall Soundwave (I think? The decepticon that turned into a tape deck), specifically, being very well constructed.


My Buzzsaw lost his head and I know for sure the cassette deck cover thing popped off of my Soundwave. First gen couldn’t save my poor guys. Some survived the carnage though.


I mean, they all broke eventually. But I think early ones had mostly metal parts, and they were surprisingly durable. Like, G1 Megatron is pretty damn cool. I mean, it’s obviously a gun that kinda turns into a robot, but even that is pretty impressive…

And, like, there was a lot of suspicious “transforming”, like Six-shot, who really had like 3 modes, if you’re generous, or skyfire’s 3rd Gundam-mode.


I had a Soundwave! He did survive my brothers and I fairly well, although of course we lost his gun and eventually Buzzsaw (the tape). I think we broke off the clear plastic cover on his chest, but otherwise he held together.


Johnston did not have a total number of victims, but said that “a number” of students had been medically evacuated from the scene.

“We have about 100 law enforcement personnel in Rancho Tehama right now with multiple, multiple scenes,” Johnston said.

“I know that we have (airlifted) a number of students” he told reporters. “I know that we have children that were attending school in a safe location at this time.”

Officials said the Rancho Tehama area remains on lockdown.


My sister tells me whatever source she has said it was a shooting at a home; there are people dead at the home, and the shooter moved to the school, but no deaths in the school.