All-purpose gun legislation thread


5 dead now. Fuck guns.


Is the shooter white, or brown?

I need to know if we’re gonna be talking about thoughts and prayers and mental health, or murderous rage and righteous revenge against terrorists.


Just so I know, East Asian counts as white for mass shootings, right? Last one was, I think, the VA Tech Korean dude, and Wikipedia is all about his mental illnesses.


Eh, I dunno… Asians are kind of exotic, and I think racist white folks would easily identify them as different than themselves.
So… possibly terrorist.


Sounds right.

“…a domestic violence incident”.


We’ve had so many shootings recently that Trump can’t even keep them straight. Or he forgot to update his form letter tweet about such shootings.


This is like on of those who claimed they are the good guys who owned guns and who’s to say the “good guys” might not get in rage and started rampage such as this?


Nationwide issuance of flak jackets? Introduction of “smart” bullets? New tech discovery allowing save anywhere feature in daily life? NRA members agreeing to act as human shields for the rest of us?


I’m sure it’s just something to do with the bump trigger issue. And it’ll be easily bypassed.


Not guns but…


Reading over the rest of those laws, I wondered what the hell “lunch shaming” was.

Holding children publicly accountable for unpaid school lunch bills — by throwing away their food, providing a less desirable alternative lunch or branding them with markers — is often referred to as “lunch shaming.”

The practice is widespread — a 2014 report from the Department of Agriculture found that nearly half of all districts used some form of shaming to compel parents to pay bills. (About 45 percent withheld the hot meal and gave a cold sandwich, while 3 percent denied food entirely.)

A Pennsylvania cafeteria worker posted on Facebook that she had quit after being forced to take lunch from a child with an unpaid bill. In Alabama, a child was stamped on the arm with “I Need Lunch Money.” On one day, a Utah elementary school threw away the lunches of about 40 students with unpaid food bills.



Yup. Reminded me of this story from earlier this year:


I was talking to my sister in Texas this week and was surprised to hear about how many people in a very Republican area lie about their income to qualify for the reduced school lunch program. Bitch and bitch about handouts then you lie to take advantage and keep needy kids from benefiting. Should lunch shame those assholes.


How does she know how many people lie about their incomes?


Next you’ll tell us they believe in small government, but love war and don’t want to touch Medicare!


It’s a start - and it’s bi-partisan, which I didn’t think possible really.


Seems pretty straightforward to me. Whether it stops criminals or not, you might as well make the dumb thing work right. A brief search reveals the biggest complaint against background checks is the high false positive rate. I know a lot of people whine about customer service nightmares like that, but those things never bother me. I assume a little patience and persistence is all you need to get it straightened out.


Does this even get out of the House?


She works for the school district and has to verify people on a random basis.


Depends on Ryan I would guess (i.e. does it come to the floor, if so I think enough Republicans would support it to pass.)