All-purpose gun legislation thread


Nice little writeup at NPR about why mass shootings aren’t treated like a public health threat.

Not new news - I’ve posted similar articles myself in the past - but it’s always good to keep it in mind. It’s not just that we’re not willing to control guns in the US - we’re not even willing to do scientific research that might possible someday maybe lead to a gun control recommendation.


And 3D printing isn’t even rolling yet. Wee!

Fortunately, the serial number registration requirement in 2019 will keep this all under control, I’m sure.


"People who think a gun registry would be used to take their guns are conspiracy theorists."


I can see how some people might get a little dismayed, but only if they think there’s no reason to ever be disqualified from gun ownership. Which I guess is a sizeable chunk of people, now that I think about it.


Not sure where else to put this. This story about several teenage friends who survived the Las Vegas shooting is heartbreaking. Even the girls who weren’t injured by the shooter will carry trauma from that night for the rest of their lives. If this isn’t a good a reason as any to promote common sense gun legislation, than I don’t know what is. The idiotic “they just want to take our guns” people need to love someone who is affected the way these kids were affected by gun violence.

To be clear, I am not anti-gun ownership, just the opposite. I grew up around responsible gun owners, know how to handle firearms safely and responsibly, and support everyone’s right to do the same. I also support legislation and regulation that would include closing the gun show loophole, requiring waiting periods and enforcing background checks both criminal and mental health, and the banning of accessories like bump stocks that effectively create automatic weapons out of semi-automatic ones. None of that impacts responsible gun owners rights to bear arms, and while it won’t bring an end to mass shooter events, it would likely reduce them.



states’ rights


Nothing too surprising here, but it illustrates the need for gun safety classes:

The study, published Thursday in the journal Science, estimates that the 3 million guns sold in the several months after Sandy Hook caused about 60 more accidental gun deaths than would have occurred otherwise. Children were killed in a third of them — some 20 youngsters, the same number as died at Sandy Hook.


The 21-year-old man who shot and killed two students at Aztec High School in New Mexico on Thursday had previously been investigated by the FBI for online comments about planning a mass shooting.

San Juan County Sheriff Ken Christesen on Friday identified the gunman as William Atchison. Christesen said at a news conference that the shooting was a “planned event” and that Atchison purchased a 9mm Glock last month, which he used in the shooting.


Well, this is certainly a thing.