All-purpose gun legislation thread




I’m actually surprised they caved on the export control restrictions. I can only assume the government was forced to take a settlement itself to preserve the wider regulations by allowing this direct challenge to go through. One good turn deserves another.


IANALorAnythingCloseToIt, so please pardon my ignorance in seeking clarity;

So as I understand it, he can provide plans for 3D printed guns and what not, but are restrictions still in place if they’re ever actually made?


I think that if you actually make a firearm, you are bound by the same rules that require things like traceable serial numbers and crap?

But it gives an ability for a criminal to create firearms… although, to be clear, it’s probably harder to print a functional weapon than it is to buy one off the black market. You need some high end equipment to produce a firearm with enough structural integrity to not explode when you fire it.

Personally, I feel like the decision of the court here is correct, in that I wouldn’t feel good about the government limiting our ability to distribute purely intellectual property, on the basis of it being “dangerous”. That kind of limitation could be abused.


I wouldn’t want to shoot a printed gun any bigger than a .22.

Thing is… guns aren’t all that complex really. Anyone with a machining lathe can make a functional firearm fairly easily.


For a .22 all you need is a car antenna, a block of wood, a strip of metal, a strong rubberband and a thumbtack. AKA zip gun. Nasty wounds because the bullet tumbles. If it doesn’t explode first.


Yeah .22s aren’t much. Which is why when I’ve seen people freak out about “22 Long Rifle, OMG” I’ve been known to slam my head into tables.

I assume they’re thinking of .223, but there is a pretty massive difference.

I mean you could buy milk cartons of .22LR that have like 250 rounds. So hearing someone had a thousand rounds of it doesn’t really elicit a response from me.

Then again I think I have near a thousand rounds of M1-clipped .30-06 sitting around here in some ammo boxes from my dad’s stash.



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