All-purpose gun legislation thread


Nah Mudd is old school



Have you seen a 22 hornet?


You can easily kill a deer with a headshot. I use mine to take care of coyotes. Super Accurate rifle up to about 150 yds.



Why does she look so startled?


Because she’s just discovered that she has tiny T-Rex arms?




This guy is running for State Senator in Arizona. He likes guns because he once had to fend off a gunman; it was lucky he was armed.

Well, maybe the gunman was his mom, and she and his sister died that night.

Well, maybe he confessed to murdering them, then recanted that confession before his murder trial, saying he had amnesia.

Anyway, same difference, good thing he had a gun that fateful night! And don’t forget to vote!



Just had a major shooting in Toronto a few hours ago. Mainly newsworthy because it’s Toronto. Nine people shot, gunman dead. No motive so far. Toronto has had a rash of shootings recently. I assume almost all of the guns are possessed illegally.


Toronto shooting have traditionally been gang related. This one appears to be random person decides to just randomly shoot people.



I’m reading the background on the NRA-Russia connection. There’s a concern that foreign money was illegally used to fund the Trump campaign. I’m sure the FBI will raid their books and give us a thumbs up or thumbs down. I hope they weren’t that stupid, but I wouldn’t be surprised either way.

The spy connection seems kind of moot to me. Perhaps the NRA was duped by a fake organization to support gun rights in Russia – which is definitely stupid of them, since Putin would never allow individual liberty like that – but isn’t that kind of pointless now that Trump has openly invited Putin to the White House? They spent all that time trying to open up back channels when Trump is driving an excavator to Moscow.

EDIT: I suppose closing the barn door after the horse has bolted is kind of what federal investigators do. So that makes more sense.

Regardless, it’s a helpful lesson to think twice about foreigners expressing interest in your special interest.


You’re saying that like those back channels aren’t the reason it’s happening.

The two aren’t mutually exclusive.


Well, maybe. But in terms of conspiracy theories, I find it more believeable (and more harmful) that Russia has something on Trump than the idea that he’s suddenly best friends with them because the NRA went on a junket.

Unless you mean that’s how they communicated the blackmail terms.


I don’t think the NRA infiltration is why Trump is suddenly best friends, but I do think it might explain why the NRA went full “kill your fellow citizens for disagreeing with you,” which helps Russia and Trump.

Also it gave Russia access to a shitload of Congresscritters and the like.


I must have missed the form letter that told me to kill people that disagree with me.

It’s probably a few pages after the one they always lead with, where it says the next federal election is the most critical one in the history of America, and they need my support!!!

I agree that approaching special interest groups with feigned interest seems like a great attack vector for both communication and money. I’m surprised no one thought of it sooner…


They hired Loesch for that part. It’s all she does for them near as I can tell.


You’re in a tough spot when you campaigned against Trump like she did and he ends up winning. What kind of angle do you run with for the next 4 years? Hate is the only common ground!