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Wait, does this make him ineligible or even MORE eligible to someday end up on the Supreme Court? It’s hard to tell these days.


He may have to settle for the Presidency.


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I live such a sheltered life.


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Man, this guy is nutty:

Member of our well regulated militia, threatens to kill some kids horsing around on a motorbike and atv in his neihborhood. They get it on video. A neighbor calls law enforcement. They show up, and are going to arrest the guy. He says he doesn’t want to go to jail so he pulled out a pistol and shot the 2 deputies, then runs inside and grabs 2 carbines, comes back out and engages other law enforcement as they arrive. I guess after he got hit he decided maybe going to jail wasn’t all bad, and puts his hands up and yells “I’m down, I’m down”.


As someone with a daughter just starting preschool, I have to admit I find this paragraph really, really fucking depressing:

What’s happening today, just five years later than what happened in Sandy Hook, is different. When we did lockdown drills before 2012, we would say to the kids, “This is in the event that there’s a stray dog or a bear, so we’re just making sure that we’re safe.” Today, it’s all about an active shooter, and every kid in America knows that. … We’re traumatizing kids today in a vastly different way who haven’t actually experienced gun violence themselves but are acutely aware of how much danger they’re in. I mean, school has always been a safe haven for kids, and it’s not anymore.

When I was in 1st grade there was a rumor going around about a ‘B-B gun killer’ that gained so much currency the principal had to write a letter to the parents. However, I think this is kind of next-level stuff…


Yes, I have daughters in kindergarten and 3rd grade and they have had to go through the drills. We even kept them home from school one day this year already due to a phoned in threat at the school.


Not really sure where to put this, but seems as close a fit as any other thread.


I think you made a great choice, given that it was posted a day ago in this thread. :)


Gahhhhh. Sigh. What I get for posting in a hurry. Not the same exact article, at least, as this one’s from today (arrested, not just charged).



Kinda funny that the current attitude* on gun control is ‘if a bunch of pissed off Florida teens can’t save us, no one can!’

*by ‘the’ I mean ‘my’