All-purpose gun legislation thread


Liberal propaganda. Didn’t you see Air Force One?


I’ve become slightly fascinated with the 2014 Amanda/Jerad Miller shootings in Vegas. There seems to have been an honest-to-god “Good guy with a gun” in that scenario. The cops didn’t kill him, but the Millers did.


I’m not saying that there aren’t well-intentioned CCW carriers out there. Personally, I think the vast majority of CCW carriers are well-intentioned. Rather, I’m saying that the odds of them reliably neutralizing a “bad guy” with a gun is really, really low, because emergencies are pure chaos. Add on all the negative consequences , beyond failure to neutral the bad guy, and you have really bad potential consequences. The guy in the shooting that you reference is a hero. He also proves how damn hard it is to have the type of situational awareness that arm-chair wannabe heroes assume they would have.


I’d say it’s 50/50 that Trump keeps that in his VCR at night, so he can watch and fantasize that he’s kicking ass and defending America as an action hero.


Yeah, wasn’t mentioning it as a counter example, just something I happen to have been reading about lately.


You’re welcome to believe what you want about gun rights, but I don’t think the incompetence and mismanagement of federal bureaucrats should inform the rights of citizens. That’s… just silly.


Talk about silly. This is silly.


I do agree it’s a great reason why we shouldn’t have some sort of government program to arm teachers. They can’t do anything right!


Yeah, but the incompetence and mismanagement of the average citizen certainly should. There’s no need for all of us to be in danger of being shot by some idiot vigilante wanting to live out his wet dream of being a gun-toting hero. And more specifically, I definitely want my girls in a classroom with armed teachers or security that are itching to let those bullets fly in their quest for glory.


Army can’t train gun users sure is one hot take.


Right, no problem. I’m happy to have a debate on that.

But saying that citizens shouldn’t be able to do something because some goofball military desk jockeys couldn’t deconflict their training plans is ass backwards!


True, military and/or government incompetence is its own issue entirely. We seem to be reaching an all-time high in that category lately!


This is a pipedream, too. Somehow, unregulated, unsupervised self-training is assumed to be better than a [failed] attempt at formalized training.

Can you find examples of self-trained/private individuals being better than your average cop or soldier? Of course. Can you state, somehow, that the median private gun owner is better than the median cop or soldier? Ridiculous.

Now, if you want to talk about requiring mandatory training, and regular re-training/testing with gunownership, I’m all for that. But as it stands now, the only requirements are proximity to a Walmart, yet that magically leads to “better trained than the military”?

You’re demonstrating exactly my point: the unequivocal certainty, as a gun owner, that you would have done better than those cops/soldiers/whatever in a chaotic situation. Based on what, exactly?


Shooting last night at the place we had our daughter’s bowling /laser tag birthday party last year.


Strangely, in China they have men armed with swords guarding schools.


Bankrupt the fucker


Oh hell yes, fuck that guy so much. More than McConnell even, and that’s saying something.


Hope they get every single dollar that grifter ever makes the rest of his life.


I mean, it’s a start. He needs to suffer a lot more though.