All-purpose gun legislation thread


Kills 5, captured alive. He’s a white 21yo kid, no shock there. Link to Fox News so you can enjoy all the commentary from the crazies.


Florida should shut down immigration from (checks notes) Indiana, until they can figure out what is going on.


The comments on that are insane.


White guys with guns get to surrender.




Speaking of which, another white murderer of five captured as well:


Looks like a nice kid. I’m sure there’s more to the story.


No doubt suffering from ‘mental illness’. Poor guy.


From that story:

The young man accused of killing five people in Louisiana was arrested Sunday morning in Richmond County, Virginia, after briefly pointing a weapon at deputies, Sheriff Steve Smith said.

Emphasis mine. White kids get to point guns at police and then get taken into custody. Those with a darker complexion aren’t afforded such luxuries.


I’m glad the officers were able to take him without any further violence. They’re setting a great example of what can be accomplished when circumstances permit. Let’s hope to see more of this in the future.


The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said 27-year-old Daylon Delon Gamble was arrested Sunday in Indianapolis by the U.S. Marshal’s Service. Gamble, who was wanted on four charges of murder in the shootings Thursday night in Rockmart, about 45 miles northwest of Atlanta, was taken into custody without incident, according to GBI news release.

Looks like the Marshall’s Service in Indiana broke protocol and let a black guy suspected of shooting a bunch of people live long enough to get arrested. Local PD will probably never let them live that one down.


Somehow this 4-year-old managed to locate, reach, and crack open the gun safe, find and load the ammunition, put a bullet in the chamber, and turn off the safety before shooting pregnant mom in the face. Oh wait, no he didn’t because the the unsecured, loaded gun was just laying around out in the open while mom and boyfriend were in another room watching TV.


Gonna go out on a limb here but if being shot in the face isn’t enough incentive to stop someone from being careless with a gun, I am thinking a $1,000 dollar fine and even jail time won’t do much. At best these people are careless, and worst they’re arrogant idiots.


And if you are that careless with guns, your right to own them should be revoked. That should be part of the penalty.


Better the negligent parent than the poor kid shooting himself. But seriously, no gun owner ever leaves their gun in the open like that. Every gun owner I’ve ever known, or talked to, or read on a forum, they all lock their guns up in the safe with quadruple locks and store the ammo miles away in a secured location.


Well, of course they all say they do. And yet, things like this keep happening.


The problem is that safe gun ownership is basically in conflict with the reasons they own the gun in the first place. They own the gun because they want be able to shoot the intruder they imagine is coming to get them. But if you store the gun safely, you wouldn’t be able to get it and load it in time to live out that fantasy.


These private home security companies need to start positioning themselves for a new market. Hell, ADT is already perfectly positioned. Automated Defense Turret?

That shit sells itself.


I would pay to have Poe in my house.


Poor Poe. He finally finds a friend…