All-purpose gun legislation thread


Okay? These aren’t police officers though. They’re just private citizens, requiring them to do as much time as cops is silly unless you’re giving them badges.

Edit: Also we’ve seen where police training leads anyway. I’d rather have someone with zero hours and respect for human life with a gun than someone who has muscle memory to instantly kill anything that mildly startles him.


Yeah I know. Just supporting the statement that police don’t undergo 700 hours of firearm training.


Of course the private citizen will also lack the blue shield of protection if they do shoot someone so I assume they’d be a bit more careful than a cop. Campus staff waling around with concealed guns is bound to end in disaster anyways in my opinion.


Eh, maybe. I don’t see any magical reason to treat universities different than everyplace else though.
I can carry a gun into Wendy’s or to the grocery store and nothing happens. But if I take one to a class I’m teaching suddenly it’s a big deal? I guess I don’t see it. Odds are most staff would get tired of hauling the thing around and leave in their offices after a couple months anyway.


Ah, my bad, I read “campus” as high school, not college.


Actually I think you read it correctly and I didn’t.

They’re talking about local school districts in the article, so presumably that’s high schools and kindergartens and whatever.

On that subject… I dunno I’m still leaning towards it doesn’t matter, but now the issue of teachers getting lazy is a far bigger issue. If a college professor leaves a gun in their office, it doesn’t really matter. If a teacher leaves a gun in their desk… well kids root around in weird places when they’re not supposed to and we’re talking about children and not college students.


I just know that the one time a teacher or student grabs a gun and ends up shooting the suspect will somehow offset any number of accidents, shooting the wrong person (by armed teacher, student, or cop), etc that will happen, in the eyes of the pro-gun crowd.

There’ll definitely be lazy or forgetful teachers, but also responding cops shooting an armed teacher, or an armed teacher shooting innocent kids or cops, etc.


If I were a black teacher I wouldn’t want to ha e anything to do with a gun in a classroom. Too much chance of getting shot by the cops.




Stand your ground laws are an easy license to kill and used for intimidation along with open carry. She’s right.



Good, fuck them all.


Missouri, the Shoot Me state.

Residents could be eligible for a tax credit equal to 75 percent of the cost of the gun under the bill, KFVS reported.


Socialism is bad. Now here is our bill dictating what you must buy.

Edit: Also I like how it specifies the brand. So most people who own similar rifles would have to buy another one. Wonder how much Armalite paid for that? Dude is begging to be investigated, imo.


Seriously, that’s insane. You KNOW that guy is getting money from Armalite.


While the bill is idiotic, it appears from my reading of the article and the Wikipedia page for the AR-15 that the bill is referring to the design and does not require purchase from a specific manufacturer. Apparently, the most common manufacturer of that design, today, is actually Colt but that there are a large number of other manufacturers, as well. It’s also apparently the most common military-style semi-automatic rifle in the US.

Now, that doesn’t mean the dude didn’t get a ton of money from Colt, for example.

I could be wrong as I have very little personal knowledge about the AR-15.


Recall that the main argument the GO PRO and against the ACA (besides SOCIALISM) was that it was wondering for the government to mandate that people buy something.


I’d rather there be a GO PRO party.


That’s true; and the funniest thing about that is that one of the earliest acts of Congress - passed by the founding fathers - was a requirement that every citizen buy weapons.