All-purpose gun legislation thread

Well if the government can FORCE YOU to buy health insurance, then why can’t it FORCE YOU to buy a gun?!

– Gordon, right-wing pundit in training

I’m just gonna go with the Google autocorrect from now on.

I mean, i clearly already do, but from now on, it’s on purpose.

Oh, I see Timex anticipated me. Need more training!

Fuck my shitty-ass state.

Wow…without training, without permit, without background check…also without bullets? That’s the only way that bill could possibly come across as sane.

Don’t they realize that any black Ohio residents will also be able to carry a gun like this? Oh wait…law-abiding is code for white in Ohio, isn’t it?

Almost half of Ohio House Republicans are pushing for passage of a bill that would allow all law-abiding Ohioans to carry a concealed weapon without obtaining a permit — a measure that GOP Gov. Mike DeWine supports.

And wtf is this? If you don’t inform a cop that you have a gun and they spot a concealed gun then aren’t they going to assume you’ll be using it on them & open fire? Hell, they do that now even if you don’t have a gun, if you’re the wrong hue.

The bill also would repeal a current requirement that concealed-carry owners notify police officers they are carrying a gun when stopped.

Outside of the liberal havens, sadly yes.

Aww shucks, someone’s blood has to water the gun tree of freedom though.

Thoughts and prayers.

Those poor kids. Both the little girl and her brother. He’s only 4. He can’t possibly understand the magnitude of what he’s done. And when he finally gets old enough to do so, he’ll have to live with it the rest of his life.

The mother should be in jail.

That’s almost unreadably awful. I can’t even imagine.

from a few years ago

“Someone needs to be responsible when children kill children with unsecured guns. Gun makers enjoy extraordinary freedom from liability when gun accidents occur, and that means gun owners bear most of the legal burden. Twenty-eight states have what are known as “child access prevention” laws, which impose criminal liability on adults who negligently allow kids to have access to their guns. States with these CAP laws show reductions in both accidental shootings and child suicides. But as Justin Peters has argued many times here at Slate, these CAP laws are almost never enforced, in part because they are vague, and in part because prosecutors have no heart to punish parents who have already suffered unimaginable pain when their child killed another child, often their own.”

Ah religion, guns and alcohol, MAGA!

I don’t think the absence of the gun would have fully prevented this tragedy, but I do think it would of mitigated it.

Guns making it easier to kill, when inhibitions are down, is something we’ve discussed in this thread. Knife=\gun under at least these type of circumstances.

“This edible ain’t shit.”

Five minutes later…

Whenever there’s a school shooting there’s a number of people that tend to wish school shooters would simply kill themselves before going in and shooting up a school (only to kill themselves later anyway), this time they got their wish.

I mean in the list of possible outcomes, this sure as hell beats many of the alternatives.

And chalk one more up to the ‘the sale of guns should be more time consuming and difficult’. As this was a legal purchase.

But Craig, then only the bla…err, bad guys will have guns!


I suggest pistols and 10 paces at dawn!